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7800 Serial Number List


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This is my third 7800 of the three I currently own. No expansion interface. It has a replacement motherboard dropped in it. Unfortunatley 7800 games freeze or don't start up, but 2600 games seem to play fine.


It's cosmetically my best looking 7800, just not the best playing. (See: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216908-a-maria-problem/)


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Just dug this out of my basement today! Only missing a power supply and RF modulator. Or maybe I can get this baby modded for A/V. Year of manufacture appears to be 1986.






EDIT: The blue numbers "86" apparently mean June of 1988. Cool. And I think someone else on here has a serial # close to this one too.

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I swear I've done this before...

A1 (05) 5509878 -covering another sticker- no slot

72r4br A3 (85) 5066694 - EVIL! - no slot

I do have one with a slot somewhere-


72R4RB A1 75 5848137 (with a slot- works as a 2600 not as a 7800 I don't recall resolving this)

... um....

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I have AT8406528. Has the expansion port.

I've purchased an a/v modded one from Best Electronics, so I will report back with that serial when it arrives.


I believe my power supply has died on the old beast. I could hook it up to a meter and find out but I'll just wait for my BE system and check it that way.

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