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Wich one of these two Prince of Persia you prefer?

José Pereira

Sprites and colours&luminances (can be others) apart, what of these two Rocks type you think look better designed/better looking:  

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  1. 1. Sprites and colours&luminances apart(can be others), what of these two Rocks type you think look better designed/better looking:

    • PC original looking
    • C64 remake looking

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BTW, the tiles have all been redrawn into chars on char boundaries with the overlap (tile over tile to it's left) and masking (columns etc) areas made as code friendly as possible by me and Ste for the C64 version we started working on a while back. They're probably about as close to optimal as they can be for the A8 without them looking weird.

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why do I get the feeling at this rate mrsid is going to give up and code the damn thing himself on the Atari? :)

Not a chance, the stuff you guys talk about here, PM0, GR.17, PF, is all gibberish to me. I only have a very basic understanding of how an 8-bit Atari works, and no real interest in learning more. :)

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Seems to me like the Apple code could be used for things like the animation, decisions, etc... New renderer code would be needed for any other platform though. The original had graphics on byte boundaries too. The 7 bits of graphics data / byte on Apple warrants a re-do of the graphics to work for 8 bits of graphics data / byte offered elsewhere.

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No, actually it's very straightforward. A byte is still a byte, doesn't matter if it has 7 or 8 pixels. The Apple 2 code does everything internally in bytes, when painting background tiles. Each tile is 4 bytes wide and can only be placed a one of 40 X-Coordinates.

The character is tracked with a 140 pixel X-Coordinate, which you need to map to 320 pixels. That's a simple lookup table.

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No, you have to redesign the graphics anyway, or use my C64 ones. On the Apple 2 the highest bit is the color shift bit, the other 7 bits are visible.


You change graphics like %x1111111 %x1111111 (a 2 byte wide pillar) into %11111111 %11111111.

So something that is 14 pixels wide becomes 16 pixels wide. Since your whole screen is also larger by that ratio, 280 pixels vs. 320 pixels, it works out perfectly.


Still, all the high-level drawing code stays the same, the graphics data is even the same amount of bytes in memory.

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well... then take the gfx set of the c64 version... ;) and STE can give us the sprite definitions which can be converted simply from .spr format to bitmap format (21 bytes per sprite collum)


How many screens does the game have exactly? What could be reused? Using the Apple pictures, making the pillars to 3 bytes and change the stones from one to two colours shouldn't be a life's work to do ;)

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I use almost all RAM in the C64, there's only a bit left under the IO area. ROM banks are visible at $8000 and $a000 (sometimes they are disabled to read RAM at those locations).


There are 131 images used in dungeon levels, you can get them here: http://twinbirds.com/bgtab_c64.zip

Palace levels have more, but let's deal with those later...


EDIT: Delected, sorry...

Edited by José Pereira
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Earlier in this thread the core game structure document was linked. Go read it. The room graphics are well documented, including the draw order, methods, etc...


On Atari, BTW the lookup table would then map 160 pixels to 140 pixels? No 320 pixel positioning possible on Atari, unless somebody wants to do this one on the high res screen.

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