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...and the next one - Rip-Off 7800


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Hi Guys:


Here I present 'Rip-Off' for the 7800.


As far as I know, I only have one thing left - the 'Avoidance' routine between enemies. (i.e. 'Don't Bump Your Buddies'). I'm not exactly sure how to pull that off just yet.


Let me know if you guys find any issues :)


A HUGE thanks to PAC-MAN-RED for the player and enemy graphics!


















and of course...







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Funny that... let's start the unofficial cart list again ;)


Which means I'd like one. Game is looking good, will try to test on the real hardware as I've played Rip Off a fair bit on the Vectrex.

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Nice man! :)


Although Rip Off was always one of those "imminent doom" games where you start, and slowly get picked apart until it's game over. i.e. no reward structure / redemption mechanic (i.e. getting back a fuel cannister). It's almost depressing in a way. :lol: Two players helps out a lot though

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Thanks guys! :)


... and I know that the bases (triangles) when captured are actually *under* the enemy than trailing behind them tethered, but I think it looks OK like that. More like they are 'captured' and inside the enemy :)


There is some flickering involved because of the number of sprites (8 bases, 8 shots, 3 enemies, 3 enemy lasers, and 2 players). It was a little too much for Maria at 320A with a 32-byte Character Mode as well, and I figured the vector games flickered anyway, sooooooo. ;)

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Does this play more like the arcade (looks like it) or the Vectrex? I know the arcade was black and white, but I'd still love to have a color mode. I like the overlay on the Vec, but don't like the way the beat sounds or the explosions look on that system. If someone can upload a video that would be awesome. My CC2 is packed away again for the moment.

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