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The PacManPlus Sanctioned 30th Anniversary Cart! NO PM'S!


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Yes, wait please. We don't even have all the parts yet, and I have stated before, I will not take any money, before something is done. One copy is already out for testing, he can chime in, if he feels like it. :)


If you are in the first 60, you will hear from someone about it, when it comes time to pay.

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<p>I'm going to be presumptuous and am just going to list them all in order, by those who answered in the affirmative that they wished for a copy, in the order in which they where given (within the thread) - at least as I see it. (OK, it's partly because of how many have showed interest, and I just wanted to chirp about it for a bit. Almost 100!) If I missed anyone, or there is a disagreement or someone wants to drop out, speak freely, so we may fuss about it and hammer this out before CPU does the real fussing and hammering it out, later.<br />

<br />

001.) wood_jl<br />

002.) boxpressed<br />

003.) Darrin9999<br />

004.) imstarryeyed<br />

005.) evg2000<br />

006.) wongojack<br />

007.) AtariLBC<br />

008.) uglyclone<br />

009.) swlovinist<br />

010.) 0.pwuaoic<br />

011.) rhcocker<br />

012.) Firedawg<br />

013.) Marc Oberhäuser<br />

014.) bennybingo<br />

015.) accousticguitar<br />

016.) stardust4ever<br />

017.) GaryH917<br />

018.) twoquickcapri<br />

019.) StarshipUK<br />

020.) Trebor<br />

021.) mmervine<br />

022.) TrekMD<br />

023.) Coleco<br />

024.) Atarinerd<br />

025.) Jinks<br />

026.) Goochman<br />

027.) -^Cro§Bow^-<br />

028.) castlevaniac<br />

029.) GoldenWheels<br />

030.) edweird13<br />

031.) atarian63<br />

032.) VectorGamer<br />

033.) eebuckeye<br />

034.) diggs130<br />

035.) toiletunes<br />

036.) cncfreak<br />

037.) Indestructible Hulk<br />

038.) omf<br />

039.) Ssturtle<br />

040.) Master Phruby<br />

041.) travistouchdown<br />

042.) Reaperman<br />

043.) krslam<br />

044.) Waggle<br />

045.) iesposta<br />

046.) MikeyT<br />

047.) remowilliams<br />

048.) LynxPro<br />

049.) Mayhem<br />

050.) Greg2600<br />

051.) Place Logo Here<br />

052.) mufla<br />

053.) cmart604<br />

054.) KevinMos33<br />

055.) mellis<br />

056.) Stun Runner 87<br />

057.) killersquirel<br />

058.) Gandor<br />

059.) bikeguychicago<br />

060.) gambler172<br />

---------------------<br />

10 more?<br />

<br />

061.) NE146<br />

062.) UberArcade<br />

063.) RayXamber<br />

064.) FireTiger<br />

065.) AtariLeaf<br />

066.) fandenivoldsk<br />

067.) life_is_pleach<br />

068.) atari181<br />

069.) davidcalgary29<br />

070.) skinthecat<br />

------------------------<br />

... more requests. Waiting list? Double Secret Probation?<br />

<br />

071.) Austin<br />

072.) Mitch<br />

073.) cvga<br />

074.) mckafka99<br />

075.) sdamon<br />

076.) Justin42<br />

077.) gilsaluki<br />

078.) AllPaul<br />

079.) HatNJ<br />

080.) retrogmr<br />

081.) chirkman<br />

082.) Jongolo<br />

083.) bmx<br />

084.) grips03<br />

085.) streps<br />

086.) Defender_2600<br />

087.) jirkoo<br />

088.) famicommander<br />

089.) LidLikesIntellevision<br />

090.) JasonlikesINTV<br />

091.) thevnaguy<br />

092.) gorfcadet<br />

093.) scobb<br />

094.) toymailman<br />

095.) Cebus Capucinis<br />

096.) frankodragon<br />

097.) phaxda<br />

098.) Loktar<br />

099.) grayclinejr<br />

100.) ntavio</p>

<p>101.) cOLeCoHitMan </p>

<p>102.) MrBeefy</p>

<p>103.) jeffgamer</p>

<p>104.) flanauf</p>

<p>105.) mysticdf</p>

<p>106.) AlecRob</p>

<p>107.) Savetz</p>

<p>108.) ruimtemuis</p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>

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It had to be done......it had to be done.

::waitwaitwait:: You're "in" ? Well, darn it, I was a bit uncertain if you actually wanted one or not, as I wasn't privy to any conversations, if any, you may have had with CPU. So, regardless of where you may actually fall in line, I'm arbitrarily listing you as number 95. My nuministic fantasy must be maintained. :P

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I say while we wait, we relentlessly PM Cebus about nothing in particular. Just sayin. Maybe Benny could send him a Best of Shat compilation.

A Shat a day keeps the Klingons away! :P

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Lol! I don't think I've heard you use that one before. Is that new to the repertoire?

No…just thought it up on the fly. But, after thinking about it, a Shat a day could actually cause klingons….or at very least, dingleberries!!!! :D

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I wait, money in hand and with bated breath, to pay for mine!


I do go a few days here and there between Atariage visits sometimes, i assume a payment message will come in as a PM (which will shoot me an email) and not just to this thread. I don't want to miss out. ;)

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Just a thought, but if empty cart cases are the only reason stopping this (and the other cart) from being released in larger numbers (there seems to be a high demand for both carts), would it not be possible to get some new empty shells moulded for these carts? After all I am guessing thats what they would do for the Harmony 2 cart if it ever gets released, and I expect people will be willing to pay more if this increses the production costs. As the other cart is called #1, I am guessing there are plans to release a #2 and carts will also be required for that I guess. As I said, just a thought.

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64... figures... say look ...over there a rare-um...uh... doomaflagy- just step out of line to go see it...

only 5 ever made- the extra parts were destroied after that five... very rare and... um....

Over there... far far away...

AND ... um... while you ar over there can you look for my 7800 SE 25th...? ;)

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One copy is already out for testing, he can chime in, if he feels like it. :)



EXCELLENT...CPUWIZ has out-done himself here. The loaner has tested fantastic across all my systems. Every game works beautifully.


Hard to believe that this is just a fraction of the complete body of work of Bob, with yet still more to come. Nonetheless, it is an excellent sampling. Thanks to both the generosity and labor of love expressed and shown towards the community for this very fitting and appropriate special release for the 30th anniversary year.


It's thrilling that the cart works without issue but even more so that the release serves as a hallmark in so many ways.

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I will send a money order in USD to ship to Canada with tracking on the money order. Have done before. It costs a bit more but its the only way without paypal. Cheque have to wait for it to clear and factor in exchange rate. So its not a big deal without paypal. Everyone can find a post office and the people there if your not with it will tell you how. Its how everything was done before credit cards and electronic stuff. Ya think us old people would be ok with this.

Oh and yeah just wait weeks months whatever for payment info. I am sure we will know if you check AA twice a week for the next couple of months we wont miss paying for it.

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I hope as well. I cant believe I may miss this. Everyone who is not on the original 60, look through your Gaming "shit" pile and send in the donor carts!


I'd be happy to, but I don't really know if they are appreciated. From the thread, I can't really tell.

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I'd be happy to, but I don't really know if they are appreciated. From the thread, I can't really tell.

If what would be appreciated? Donor carts? Of course they are. You also get paid for them(quite well on pokey carts)

Why would you say that?

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