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What did you buy today?.........


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On 12/3/2023 at 6:03 PM, CaptainBreakout said:

I now have a Pong. I'll keep it in the shrink wrap until I can get to restoring it.






Hey your Asteroids cabinet is the white one too!


(Same with mine and my friend's)...


While I believe they are more rare,  simply because I almost always see black ones.  I read on the internet, that the final runs off the production line were white as they wanted to match upcoming games with white sides like Missile Command and Centipede, etc.   I don't know if this is true,  but it is what someone said...


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That makes sense. I haven't seen if they are more valuable or not.  I like the look and consider myself lucky to have a white boarder one.  


It kinda matches Tempest, not in shape but in color, and that's nice. If I had a Quantum (which I don't) it would match that too. I can dream!

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Not necessarily a "purchase" but my wife said "Go for it. Happy Birthday!" (It's next month)


ONN 27" Curved QHD (2560 x 1440p) 165Hz Gaming Monitor was an open box return at work 3 days ago. Works perfectly. Got it on CVP(markdown) for $89. Happy Birthday indeed. :D



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Recent pick ups from before the holiday.  


Atari computer. MR Cool CIB

Sega Master Black Belt store demo

Mattel Burgertime handheld

Atari 2600 Pleiades prototype


Activision Hockey patch

Vectrex Solar Quest CIB

Sega Master first gen controller with stick 

2 Odyssey 1 first run pieces of documentation


Atari Jaguar

Sega CD II


Store counter displays for 

Activision Chopper Command

Activision Starmaster

Intellivision Night Stalker


super nice like new Tandyvision box and contents.  Unfortunately came with Mattel unit so looking for an equally nice Tandyvision now.   

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