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regarding the floppydrives, what are the prerequisits for SupercardPro and KryoFlux ?


Is it a must to run it with TI- or PEB-compliant floppydisk-drives, to read TI-DIsks,

is it a must to run it with a 40track-drive to import/copy 40track-disks, or works that with plain 80track-drive for all ?


Is the SCP-format that what the HxC-drive uses, or are there any "restrictions" ?

(to convert the wn SCPs with the HcX-tool to DSKs, as it has this nice "batch-convert"-function....


Which of these adapter is the best choice for the TI ? 42 ?

Who can make a poll ? :D

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(have to take some more pics tomorrow)


Holy smokes Schmitzi! That's a lot of stuff! Do you have a head cleaning kit? With the age of the media, I would expect some of those disks to be 'flaky' in the literal sense of the word.


This also looks like it's gonna take some time. Good luck and thanks for taking this on.


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yes, have ordered some 5.25"-cleaningkits yesterday, in the States, as we do not have this here in Germany.

(we only have modern systems here, so there is no need for this old stuff here :D :D )


But I think it will take it´s time to arrive here, and I already have crashed one drive (with a clean disks)

(also ordered a spare drive in US yesterday, not to run out of options :)

The german market just seems to be to small....




I will go through for the "Artist Enlarger" tomorrow, but I cannot remember at the moment.

But I can remember some other enlarger-stuff I saw on the web these days, maybe that could help ? :P

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my first attempt at running a 25 year old Telco disk ended in flakes galore and a busted head...


Yeah. I thought I had ruined a 1571 with some disks I did not see have molded over. Fortunately a good head cleaning fixed that up, and a sacrificial disk sleeve, some alcohol, and surgery on the old disks seem to have cleared that up. I also found that some of my NOS disks are shedding oxide. I am going to get a sacrificial 1541 out of storage to be my testing bed for old disks until I get all the disks worked out.


Fortunately I do not have to risk either of my 1581s reading potentially bad 3.5" disks as I have plenty of PC 3.5" drives and C1581 :)

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When I was recovering some of the FunnelWeb source diskettes, I took the disks out of their sleeves and used an "open" drive. I discovered that the jacket and the inside material/sleeve were creating friction against the already fragile media. I knew there was a problem when the disks would catalog the first time and then fail shortly thereafter.


Removing the media from the sleeve is not good practice. However, it was the only way I was able to successfully clone the remaining good sectors without completely destroying the disk. I still had to recreate the previously accessed (and destroyed) FDRs, fortunately, none of the files were fractured so recovery was "easier".

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Not common in my experience, but not unheard of, for the sleeve itself to be the damaging factor. The jacket helps keep the media fairly rigid for its ride through the heads or pressure pad and head, so frequently use "donor" sleeves for recovering 5.25" media.


I am disappointed in my recovery career, though. I have recovered plenty of GCR disks, but never a single FM or MFM (unless Amiga disks count.)

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Hi guys,


just a small update, so that you don´t think I am sleeping :sleep:


Got a new floppydrive, dismounted and cleaned my other ones last week (also ordered one more HxC :)

and gave a manual cleaning on somehundred floppydisks all the last evenings, to prevent more problems to the drives.


On sunday, all fine now, I started converting the first disks from the 2nd charge, so that the job is running now.


Will take it´s time, of course, but will step on now each evening for a lot.





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Its documentation for the Marinchip 990 - an S100 bus based 9900 minicomputer.

Okay, colour me interested.


There are a few pieces of Marinchip M9900 documentation here:


(CPU board, RAM board, I/O board). Is it that?


If it is something other, I'm willing to do the scanning. However, I'm based in Europe.

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as some of us maybe already know, Chris Bobbitt from former ASGARD Software is sending around his findings

from his very old Asgard Software Archive to us, to get it digitalized and to share it to the community.

What a great move !!! Thanks to Chris, again.


As I am one of the lucky guys getting some of this stuff here, my very first action was to make DSKs

from the floppydisks he sent to me this week.

I attach them here as a ZIP, including a small docu and some screentprints from my testings.

I also add some pics of the first ship, as an overview for you.


Regarding the amount of paper, it will take some time for me to make scans of that, of course.

But, if you see anything very interesting here in the pics, just let me know,

so I would do an immediate, selected scan for you.


More floppydisks are on the way, to be handled quickly to pass through to all 99ers.

I think this will be a big event for all of us, diggin´ through all this fine treasures :)


Many many thanks and all tribute to Chris







Hi Ralf - it was great to meet you 2 weeks ago and a great job you are doing with all the archives!

(the German style "Grundligkeit", very very very complete, I am impressed).


I had never seen the book "Cracking 99/4A !"

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:) thx. At the moment I need all my Grundlichkeit (thoroughness) for cleaning my floppydrives every fifth use :)

It works very slow at the moment, but it works :)


This TapeLoader-tool you demonstrated, for loading assembly-progs like AtariCartridges from cassette, really amazed me.

Never knew about. Wish I had this in the 80´s :)

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