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junkman.jnr is to be found on whtech in the classic carts.zip file.


whtech have about two dozen bin files not referenced on this site and therefore missing from page one of this thread. When checking for a file look at both page 1 and whtech zip files!


Anyone got jumpman.jnr?





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I need some input from all you FR99 users for something that may be "a wee bit time consuming", but lots of fun none the less. ;)

It it may take you days, because there's a lot of stuff in this thread now.


I need you to go through and play/test ALL the game files here (yes really), and pick out your 10 favorites. You do not have to put them in any particular order, but I need 10 from each of you. Are you up to the task? After I get a sufficient amount of returns, I'll be adding some extra data to the first post in the thread that should be helpful to everyone.


Thanks for helping!

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You guys, it's great to be enthusiastic about converting files for the system, but try to actually convert them fully, not just a quick run-through-the-tool-and-call-it-done. Super Space Acer has three disk support files (two are just the title page, which it will pass if you press fire, but the third is all the sprite definitions) and uses 24k of code. It's not going to fit in 32k as-is. If you'd asked for help I'd have created a version for you that works. ;) That Scudbuster's another example, it was loaded with startup code for non-existent hardware and doesn't include the instructions, although there is plenty of space in the ROM for them. Slow down a bit, ask for help with the tough ones. :)

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Hmm how come no GPL in the List of languages?


I thought about digging it up, and converting it, but from a practical point of view, Ralph's xdt99 suite of tools seemed like where I would want to put my time in on the GPL side of things. And as Ksarul points out, it is there in the XB 2.7 suite cartridge so many of us have. But if you have a favorite GPL assembler and linker tool set, and want to run them through one of the processes and test the outcomes, that would be welcomed.



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