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the official Channel F thread!

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On 11/25/2020 at 1:40 PM, Yosikuma said:

Thanks for sharing your work on this. I have a spare model 1 thats not working in storage,  I keep meaning to tackle but I have another working model 1 and II so i've been slacking..lol. But now with these going crazy price wise and all mine are in box..well, I might fix and sell my extra to snag something Ive been meaning to get. (#19 and #20 would be my dream but now those seem to be more then console!). But again, thanks!



So great and unexpected news! Finally, finally, FINALLY, I can play a Channel F! It took some doing -- I have an old CRT with a fine tuning mode. It seems that the console is -- for some reason -- broadcasting the video almost between channels 3 and 4, as I thought (as it was looking like scrambled pay TV if you are old enough to remember that!).  With it fine tuned, the image is great (even if, upon powering up, it takes a bit to get colour). But, the sound is very "snowy" but hey, the thing works.  So question: do I leave well enough alone, and only play it on this TV, or do I try to resolve this issue? I would be interested in your feedback.


Also, this means I still have the dead System II chilling here. At least using the system for the first time has given me a bit of insight on the broken model, as the garbage displayed is briefly visible on the functioning model, before a program clears memory and does what it's supposed to be doing. Amusingly, there is NO display issue on this dead System II, even on an HDTV.  Soooooo suggestions on where to go from here with the dead system?



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Just now, Ashevent said:

and no box..geez. Yeah, I almost offered him $200 for it, but figured he'd laugh. 

250 was auto denied, so don't feel bad! I think its safe to say under those numbers (bare in mind it started at $2,100), anything lower than 50% will be set to auto-reject. Realistically, while we are all frustrated by the strange hyperinflation of Fairchild Channel F stuff, knowing checker games with no box was going for 4 figures, it would be hard for seller to want to accept less than that, even if there wasn't interest.


Hopefully now the next one passes under the $1,000 mark, as less and less people are prepared to pay this much. My main reasoning for this is that despite the curiosity of Channel F and the story of Jerry Lawson (who was an engineering hero and should be celebrated for his achievements, just not at the expense of us getting reasonably priced checker carts), it does not attract the same level of curiosity as 2600 or NES carts where there is a collector/investor mentality. Those of us that collect Channel F don't do it to encase it in a plastic shell and never use it again, but to stick it in a real device and play the darn thing - this may well be the only protective factor that ensures these prices go down one day.

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If anyone else is bidding on this..I'm out so there's one less for you to bid against. I'm over $200 and this didn't meet the sellers reserve? well then why even bid, since the reserve might be the "buy it now" price for all anyone knows..waste of time for me. P.S. Yes, i'm being salty for once..lol 



Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 8.50.34 AM.png

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On 12/5/2020 at 11:48 AM, Mikebloke said:

Can't seem to find it but 0 rep, dodgy picture and listed as untested. Wow. So glad I got this last year (or year before?) for a fraction of this price. 

I didn't notice the 0 rep on a System II I tried to buy off of eBay, and then I get no tracking number and the guy just vanishes off eBay. At least I got my money back.


What is it with Channel F systems on eBay and shady sellers???


I'll ask again: to e5frog or to anyone else who can elaborate, where are these screws I would be adjusting to fix the sound/video drifting in my System II?

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4 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

Why would Zircon mention Fairchild in an ad? I'm so confused.


I assume it’s because the Fairchild Channel F was sold off to Zircon at this point. My better question is, why are Videocarts 18 and 19 missing in that listing?

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On 12/7/2020 at 11:32 PM, Yosikuma said:

 ask again: to e5frog or to anyone else who can elaborate, where are these screws I would be adjusting to fix the sound/video drifting in my System II?

Metal towers are shields for the coils inside, the ferrite screw is used for adjustment - do NOT use metal tools, they might be stuck and ferrite is brittle and will crack with too much force. They are usually for hex or flat screwdriver.


The thin, metal, wide threaded screw is for main frequency adjustment. Don't mind the ring. It looks a little different in the Channel F II, image is from Luxor VEC (switch on the left is audio high/low volume). 


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Bahahaah, I admit, I was looking at the green circle initially going, "Well those aren't screws ..."  I then remembered you had this same pic up for the jumpers on your page about composite out (which I am still seriously considering)  and actually read the words you wrote instead of glaring at the wrong part of the picture. :: laugh ::


Sooo if no metal tools, what DO you recommend I use?? 

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8 hours ago, e5frog said:

Real such tools are plastic, you need to have little imagination.  ;)

(got tools myself) 

God bless you. It is broadcasting on my flat panel TV correctly on channel 4, and I am thrilled beyond words. Thank you thank you THANK you for all the assistance. 

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7 hours ago, e5frog said:

Great that it worked out.  

Hahaha, I think so. The lady who lives in the apartment below me while I was jumping up and down like a moron in excitement may not think the same thing though. :: laugh ::

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