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Space Harrier Update 2018


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Just a hint please, like Gunstar I see the right hand H for part of the code, is this code all done via the joystick?


Also does holding the H in place with the pad have any use?


Normally it blinks off with movement but you can hold it if you know the sequence (nope) or catch it luckily (yep).


I really don't want to start reading code key presses to cheat THAT much :) (C100) etc (I think)

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You get the H by moving the joypad from North in a anti clockwise semi circle to west....Beyond that it it kept going away which means the combo is wrong....I sat there twiddling with the joypad for 10 mins and gave up...


Sheddy was really kind with the clues (thank you) and I tried getting the H and then UP, Towards, Towards to spell Chris's surname but nope, its simply down to me having little imagination :)


Hopefully the cheat is that Harrier (the main player) makes a farting noise like Abe in Abe's odyssey when he's on the ground in the levels :)


(If Abe loses you then Google is you friend)

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You have gone and ruined it now! :)



Lol...Sorry Chris...Just a wee joke...


And yes, too imaginative by us (bar Pseudo), I did try the H but did it a different way and gave up on the idea...


Thank you...Not a spoiler really, it takes some serious skills to do the later stages and many will never see them..

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I think the problem is you guys are too imaginative!


make the shape of an "H" with the joystick, starting at the top left:












End symbol will appear and all stages accessible


I reckon never I'd figured it out....

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Well as Chris's name is Hutt I took it that it meant spelling his last name out, I had tried a H but there's sort of a standard way to write a H which didn't work...


Your problem is that you are too damned clever...


Remember he said the H was a clue as to how to move the stick, not the pattern :)


Anyway, secrets now out...We move on to reek havoc on a new game :)

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Hello Sheddy, guys


Yep, things seem OK now, so yes, these are the final versions (I kinda like the black version best).


Gmmbbllll, now I have to read four pages to find out what the difference between the black and the non-black version is. :D





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