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Popeye 7800


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I first played the arcade game when it first came out and I played t almost every weekend and at once point there was a power outage at that arcade and we lost our coins that when it came back on they game everyone there a free play all day and I played that game to deathXD And yes I have the game for 


Commodore 64,




Atari 2600,

Atari 5200,

Atari 8-bit,




POPEYE video game '80s PRINT AD Parker Brothers vintage advertisement 1984

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1 hour ago, Atariboy2600 said:

And Popeye was one of my wish list dream games for the 7800 and I even made a mockup back in 2012 I made some sprite and stage on how it looks if it was done pixel by pixel




Great work on sprites but 320 modes don't work that way. However, regarding sprites in 320, I like the idea of ditching the original arcade version aspect ratio in favor of slightly wider sprites. I had already gone in this direction with my latest Popeye 320 sprite (which I made a little wider than the one I drew in 2016) and was wondering if I should make it a little wider, considering we may have more detail, being the 320 resolution lower than the arcade version.  However, consider that your sprites / tiles need a lot of corrections to work on the 7800, so for a better understanding of the 320 modes you can refer to the EricBall table. Also consider that with the 320 mode it is finally possible to design the Level Layout that has the same aspect ratio of the arcade version, simply divide the resolution of the arcade version by two (therefore from 512 x 448 to 256 x 224) and you get the 7800 version almost indistinguishable from the arcade version. 


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That is why it was just that a concept art idea I had dreams of seeing a top ten wish games on the 7800 most was done but I had the idea way back in 2012 and made up sprite and box art for these ten games. For me the 7800 was a VERY wasted opportunity unit had they committed to released it in 84 and had more third party gaming company who knows how many good games would had been on the 7800.


the ten games I wanted see are the games that was on both the 2600 and 5200:





Jungle Hunt:


Missile Command:

Moon Patrol:


Super Breakout:



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31 minutes ago, Atariboy2600 said:

And yes the mockup screen was done as a 7800 sprite size I know the colors are not the same uses from the 7800 but just an idea. 

berzerk 7800 - 01.png

berzerk 7800 - 03.png

defender 7800 - 01.png

defender 7800 - 03.png

galaxian 7800 - 01.png

galaxian 7800 - 03.png

jhunt 7800 - 01.png

jhunt 7800 - 03.png

kangaroo 7800 - 01.png

kangaroo 7800 - 03.png

missile 7800 - 01.png

missile 7800 - 03.png

mpatrol 7800 - 01.png

mpatrol 7800 - 03.png

pengo 7800 - 01.png

pengo 7800 - 03.png

sbrout 7800 - 01.png

sbrout 7800 - 03.png

vanguard 7800 - 01.png

vanguard 7800 - 03.png


Nice mockup, begin to keep in mind that you can not use both 7800 160 mode and 320 mode on the same line.


Moreover, I would recall that the talented developer PacManPlus has already made the 7800 version of Berzerk, and Defender is in progress. 

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I had some fun looking back at how this started. I figure I will share in case anybody wants to experience the pre-release trials.


Brutus was joystick controlled. I decided to Add a rough Popeye and make Brutus go back and forth.




I tried to figure out how to plot tiles. The source code and bins for the big, ugly playfield are corrupt. I accidentally deleted everything at one time, and that didn't get recovered.


When I finally had gotten a recognizable playfield to plot:




I decided to see if I could get Popeye to follow the playfield. Brutus could still only go back, forth, and leap up to hit Popeye. Eventually, I added a punching bag that could land on Brutus's head. That's when I decided I could try to reproduce one level.








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I had confirmation this evening that the major sound issues (cutting out and AUDCTL not always setting properly) are definitely tied to the Concerto being a work-in-progress and not the game. That is a big relief. I got to play the game on a real AtariAge cartridge, and the sound was just like the emulation. Maybe it was a little warmer.


Thanks @tep392 for saving my Christmas. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas everyone.


I recorded a video of me testing it on real hardware. I interrupted songs, cleared levels in random places, reset the game a few times, and the sound always initialized correctly. Sound is pretty much spot on with the emulation.

Like emulation, the end of an item collection may occasionally contain a slight noise. Also, the death can be corrupted sometimes. My latest work in progress fixes some of the issues with the death. I do not have that version burnt on an EPROM to test on here.




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19 hours ago, SlidellMan said:

Darryl, you have just made the best home port of this game. 

Absolutely! This port is head and shoulders above the rest.  A wonderful job and a great pleasure to experience and play. 
Seeing this reach the AtariAge store is going to be awesome!

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