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36 minutes ago, Gary from OPA said:

It seems today's generation can't stand watching a new movie filmed totally in black and white.





"[...]The cinematography is so annoying."

I imagine a bleached blonde saying this with her eyes barely open, eyes rolled so all I can see is the whites, head cocked, one arm up at an angle to her body, with her hand limp-wristed pointed at me up-side down, one side of her mouth drooped like a stroke patient, her voice fried with the upward Kardashian inflection which infected every mentally deficient Valley Girl since the early 2000s.


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4 hours ago, Gary from OPA said:

Someone just returned a rear projection tv from 2002 at Costco 😭💀


I wish I had the balls to do this.  But then, I would be a completely different person whom I would not like.


(Okay, making assumptions... maybe he had the life-time replacement plan.)

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Scrabble, one of the world’s best-loved word games, is to get a new “collaborative” and “accessible” version.


The game has been around for more than 75 years, entertaining and infuriating players in equal measure with the simple premise of competing to see who can make the highest scoring words from a random selection of letters. The double-sided board will also include the Classic version of the game.


Now, an updated game named Scrabble Together adds “a second side to the board that is collaborative and faster-paced to make gameplay more accessible for anyone who finds word games intimidating,” according to a statement from Mattel published Tuesday.





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Well we didn't really get flying cars yet, but we got motorcycles now that can drive along the street and on a push of a button transform into a flying drone like vehicle with you still sitting on it flying it. -- I want to see them used in the next James Bond movie for the chase scene would look cool.

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2 hours ago, Gary from OPA said:

Great just looked at my WhatsApp and noticed now it has Meta AI inside it and no way to disable it either.

So does that mean that the CIA can't know what you are talking about...  but Meta can?  :)


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7 minutes ago, TheBF said:

So does that mean that the CIA can't know what you are talking about...  but Meta can?  :)


I used the Skype AI summary discussion feature once on a good friend, he was so scared afterwards with how much it got out of our random chit chat about things.

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maybe they can turn down the elevator music as well, i always sit outside on the patio, even if it is raining, as it is so much more peaceful then inside a starbucks, i don't see how people can sit there and work on their laptop, but i guess they have earbuds in and blocking out all the background noise and stupid music they play.



Starbucks wants to hear you loud and clear. The company is adding noise-absorbing panels to ceilings to lower sound levels in new and renovated stores so that baristas can fill orders correctly — and customers can better hear their names when orders are ready. Noise issues are also a problem at restaurant drive-thrus, where orders are accurate just 86% of the time, per industry research. The in-store change, which helps customers who have hearing loss, is part of Starbucks' plans to redesign about 1,000 U.S. stores this fiscal year to be more accessible and inclusive.



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On 4/10/2024 at 6:57 PM, Gary from OPA said:
Further research from GitHub on how developers are using its Copilot tools found that, on average, tasks can be 
completed up to 55% faster when assisted by AI. 


None of my programming friends whom I have talked to have yet been able to tell me a single use case for AI saving them time, save creating a code framework - a task that takes mere minutes anyway.


I think the only people who are finding it creates the code faster are those who couldn't write it anyway, and there are no metrics at all about whether the code that was generated /actually worked/.

Certainly think that someday it'll happen that this works. But the day is not yet over. ;)



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