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1 minute ago, Gary from OPA said:

yeah, sadly the aliexpress and ebay resellers will be buying up stock and then charging more money soon as the news spreads.


fpga cores are nice, but still having original parts are still best for building things, there always tiny little glitches or timing changes in the fpga cores, and then you have the issue fpga's themselves stop production more often then the original parts, and you have to port over the code to a new part, and overall some fpga's are more costly as well, and then there is programming side, and 3.3volt or 1.5volt level conversion as well, plus i still personally like having DIP only pcboards that can be easy assembled without all that smt stuff.

According to this write-up, the embedded cores and Z180 will still be available.


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Intel builds the world's first AI brain




Hala Point is the first large-scale neuromorphic system to demonstrate state-of-the-art computational efficiencies on mainstream AI workloads. Characterization shows it can support up to 20 quadrillion operations per second, or 20 petaops, with an efficiency exceeding 15 trillion 8-bit operations per second per watt (TOPS/W) when executing conventional deep neural networks. This rivals and exceeds levels achieved by architectures built on graphics processing units (GPU) and central processing units (CPU). Hala Point’s unique capabilities could enable future real-time continuous learning for AI applications such as scientific and engineering problem-solving, logistics, smart city infrastructure management, large language models (LLMs) and AI agents.



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6 hours ago, Gary from OPA said:

At least they did not name it "Colossus."  But, it is Intel, which means it will likely be less efficient than a competitor's and full of security holes.

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I've had a few inkjet printers and experienced more trouble than anything. 

But this HP Color LaserJet 4600dn is still chugging after nearly 20 years.  Yes, the color is bust after I used a cheap refill kit and got magenta spilled everywhere. Ok, so the fuser is replaced with a refurb cuz a plastic gear broke.  But I originally got it refurb, at the price of its HP brand  ink cartridges. (Free printer with your deluxe toner?) 


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4 minutes ago, HOME AUTOMATION said:

Always come prepared...


Yep. When I drove around Dominican Republic I always had toilet paper rolls in the car as no restroom even in classy restaurants had paper to wipe your ass. At best you find a magazine or old newspaper to use in the stall.

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54 minutes ago, HOME AUTOMATION said:

When in Rome...


romans in fact for their public toilets, used a wet sponge on a stick.


the romans would have a row of toilets, and there was a u shape opening in the front, were with you still basically sitting over the hole, you could pick up a sponge that was sitting next to toilet much like today's toilet cleaning brushes and you would use that to do the clean up after your business, and then there was slave boy at the end of the row of toilets which his job was to remove the dirty sponges from the sticks and place fresh ones on and make sure the water was replaced as well, which normally was a running ditch along the front keeping things clean.


imagine have that job on your resume.. poor kid. it is where the saying comes from don't grab the shitty end of the stick! (the part that the sponge was on!)

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But now, Romans have bidets. The public toilets cost a euro.  In Ancient Rome, you had to pay for the sponge on a stick as well. 

Maybe the boy attendant was on the first step of the hydraulic corps ladder.  Future aqueduct inspector.  

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