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Angelic Layer boxset up for grabs. It's in great shape, but DISC 3 IS DEFECTIVE. It does not play all the way through (I believe it locks up for the last 2 episodes on the disc.) If you're OK with that & willing to pay shipping, let me know!

Please note it'll probably take a few days to ship- the 24 hour Drop at my local Post Office got broken over Christmas, so mailing will depend on me being able to get to the post office while it's open. Which ain't easy for me. Edited by HoshiChiri
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I would like to contribute to this thread. I think it's a great idea, btw!


I have two duplicate Colecovision carts to give away:

War Games and Avenger. Unfortunately, the label for Avenger fell off. :(


Both cartridges can be yours for the price of shipping ($3.00 First-Class mail).




Edited for spelling.

pm incoming

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Not sure how much shipping would be but I guess $5 should cover it. I won't have a chance to mail till Friday tho :/


Anyways it's missing the pieces, box is in bad shape and cart label is peeling. But the game board, overlay, and manual are in

Great shape as is the cart/piece tray. I got a CIB copy so don't need this now, let me know if anyone wants it :)


What game is that and what system is it for?

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Been a while since I posted here. Got a lot of stuff this time around. All free, just pay shipping. Please PM me if interested and include your ZIP code so I can check shipping.


If it's not on the list, item has been claimed:


  • The Flash comic 294


Edited by Yoshi648
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If you still have the folllowing items? I will Take it.


General Electric 3-5158A Computer Program Data Recorder - Includes power cable, works but sometimes gets stuck in headphone mode and needs to be reset to go back to speaker mode

Nintendo 64 - Japanese cartridge bay (clear)

Nintendo GameBoy expansion port cover (Clear)

Pokemon Sticker Book - All stickers were placed on the re-usable sheets

Best of Pokemon Adventures manga

Pokemon Trading Card Game Player's Guide (includes info on Pokemon Snap)

The Flash comic





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$4 USPS shipped in the USA (if it ends up being cheaper, i'll refund the difference).


These 4 connectors come out of Nintendo NES consoles, 3 have gold plated pins and one seems to be silver. It appears the pins have been bent upwards, and when tested made for a snug fit. They all work to some degree but probably need cleaning and maybe adjustment of the pins.

Edited by Jeremy Popp
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Well this is not game related but I found this patch in a dumpster (looking for electronic parts, this dumpster had some old DVR's that were destroyed so I thought I would take a look)




I do not have any Service Veterans in my immediate family so I thought maybe someone here would like this.


Totally free of charge, no shipping cost in the COUS.


PM me if you want it. And to all veterans/family of veterans, thank you for your service.

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