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Please don't change it so he appears back where you knocked him off. The Hulk popping out from 'nowhere', at least from the opposite area he appeared, definitely upped the ante.


Seriously, gave me the "Oh, Sh..!" response when I saw him pop back in from the bottom. It was awesome. :-D


Maybe, if possible, make it so The Hulk appears on the side closest to where your player is located. :evil:

Hah, the "closest side" it is. :evil:

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I have had OpenEmu downloaded on my computer for months and I think it's great, even if I mostly use it for NES homebrews/hacks. Is there a 7800 core that I can install?


There is an experimental version of OpenEmu that includes several consoles not featured on the standard release. The 7800 is among those.



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Is it me, or does this game make Robotron seem as a placid afternoon with my lady at my side as we stroll along a gently babbling brook? :lol:


This is the first chance I've had to look in on this seriously, RevEng, and I find it a brutal monstrosity that must be defeated. Probably by those with more skill than I have, but I'll try. Well done! :) :thumbsup:

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Not crazy about the name, "Time Salvo". Should call it "Robotron II"!

While it's definitely inspired by William's games, I'm a fan of giving homebrews original twists and titles.


The T:ME bit of the title is more or less a personal brand I'd like to continue with other titles. Feel free to just call it "Salvo" if it rolls off the tongue easier. :)

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