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What are the options? Single stick and twin stick was the only 2 I seen. It was so hard could not finish the first level as all the guys come out at once and pretty much eveywhere is death. Maybe with two controllers would be much easier.

Just wondering if there is a difficulty setting?

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I really enjoyed this game. You really have to pay attention. It gets confusing when you've got the two people following you around on a whiplash cord, telling the beasties and people and you apart when your trying to look at everything at the same time.


Perhaps a tall order, but if you ever do a sequel, a simultaneous 2-player option would be cool, with the option where you could accidentally shoot each other and race each other for ammo. It would be beneficial not to shoot each other, and it may or may not be beneficial to get the ammo first if it dooms the other player. It adds a lot of strategy.

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I picked up T:ME Salvo with the new batch of 7800 games and have not put it down since. It took me a while to get used to the fact that going in any direction commits you fully to that next "block" but within a couple of plays I was really rocking it. I have seen Christmas a couple of times and have no idea what I am doing to trigger it. In addition (and perhaps this is beyond the scope of this specific thread) if I was going to get an AtariVox+ sometime in the not too distant future, is there any way to use it with 2 stick play?


Thanks for the great game!

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I got this along with Crystal Quest. This thing is really good. Sort of Targ meets Berzerk. I always thought Targ was a much better game than it got credit for, and this does something similar with better graphics and more innovative play. I'm really enjoying it as well, really nice work!

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