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I have not been following this game, but did just view the video. My god! It's amazing that a game with so much activity, smooth animation and explosion effects can be written in BASIC. Fantastic job on both the game and the implementation of 7800 BASIC. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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The first post has an updated version of Salvo.


I've been working on the music tracker code for 7800basic, and incorporated some title screen music in Salvo. There are also a few minor bugfixes since the last release.


For now the music is slower on PAL than NTSC, which I should be able to fix once I get around to fine tuning the tracker code.

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Quick video highlighting the theme music...




Yes, that's just TIA sound. Amazing what can be accomplished with the proper and dedicated resources. ;)


Nothing 'basic' about this game except that it is programmed under 7800basic. :)


Holy Crap! That's amazing work Mike! :)

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Hi all,


I've updated the first post with new T:ME Salvo binaries.



  • Brains now turn humanoids into progs
  • The Hulk screen-wrap behavior consistent. If you push him backwards off the screen, he now goes to the opposite side.
  • Saved humanoids are now worth 100, 200, 400, and 800 in bonus. Enemies are worth 200 each.
  • The aggressiveness of enemies was toned down a bit to compensate for progs.
  • The special items were reduced to just the smart bomb. The rest were a bit pointless. The smart bomb instantly triggers when you run across it. It also appears more frequently. I did all of this because I think it works better with twin-stick play, and players can now use a single-button stick like the CX-40.
  • Minor cosmetic updates that nobody else but me will likely notices.
I know you sick bastards will leave some poor humanoids out on purpose, just to see the progs. Please take it easy on the little guys! :P


This is a release candidate, so I'm looking to squash any bugs. Please report 'em, and enjoy!

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It is a program for the Atari 7800.

Are you using the H2?

Does the salvo.bas.bin binary not work with a Harmony cart? I just downloaded it and it won't play on my Harmony. I get the following message:


Unrecognized File Type
Press Fire to Continue

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If you wear the packaging it comes in over your head it will block out 99.9% of harmful UV-b rays, enhancing your youthful appearance.

I knew it!! Playing it indoors will also help the effects of the sun as well. Video games keep us young. Real life makes us old.. Screw real life!
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I've updated the first post with an new release candidate.


This one squashes some bugs related to prog trails occasionally hanging about, progs hanging about after you die, and the right stick not completely working in 2-stick mode. (due to an interaction between the atarivox code and the second joystick code)



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The first post has been updated. This is the last version, barring any bugs.


I've tweaked the PAL game speed to more or less match NTSC. The music is a bit slower on PAL, but but otherwise it should be the same experience. If someone with a CC2 and a PAL deck could confirm it plays at a similar speed to Trebor's gameplay video, it would be appreciated.


I also lightened up the difficulty curve a bit. If you tried the game and it was too hard, you might want to give it another shot.


Enjoy :)

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