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LS Upcoming Releases 2017

Der Luchs

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Hi friends,

as some of you have noticed, I will become father the second time in November.

Due to the fact that we have to rebuild the house because we are missing a room, I just have no time for the projects or releases.

I ask for your understanding and hope to have a Christmas release this year.

So, soon I'll be back :-)

I'll try to be at the ejagfest next month.



Congrats Sascha!!!!!! Take your time Father.[emoji6]8b2e15d4580f65eb2001ff07e29716cb.gif
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Congratulations! I'd like to say it is easier second time round but that would be a lie :-)


I'm sure I speak for pretty much everyone here when I say we all appreciate your efforts giving us new Lynx games. I'm sure no one will have the slightest issue with waiting a few weeks and the communications are much appreciated - we were starting to worry about you! Take care, enjoy the new baby and we'll see you again soon.

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First of all, congratulations for your second child! Just a bit after, thanks for your great effort in bringing such accurate releases for such great games available to every Lynx owner at reasonable prices, really a great work!

I was looking forward to making an order including Alpine Games but I see it is on preorder. It's clear that you have other, much more important things, to attend to now so I will religiously wait for a reply, no matter how many weeks (or months) it would take but when do you plan to have it back, available to be dispatched?

Also, I know this has already been discussed on this thread and it is also a slightly off topic but I'm looking forward to getting hold of some Songbird titles: I've already talked with Carl who has always been very available and kind but buying directly from him means high postage tariffs and customs charges too making it for me almost unaffordable though I'd really like... Isn't there any possibility to have titles from developers from the USA (I'm thinking even about Zaku which fortunately I own, bought directly from Super Figher Team, definitively worth the effort!) readily available for users from Europe? It would be great because it means reduced costs and much faster shipping...

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@Der Luchs


Thanks for your confirmation! As soon as I would have some spare funds, you would receive an order from me, I hope ASAP. All the best! :)


For what concerns the talk about releases coming from developers from outside Europe, I know this is a slight off topic here but on the other hand I think it could be an interesting thing: if not here, maybe it should be discussed elsewhere...

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Two great release announcements from Luchs Soft this week...


Quadromania - https://atarigamer.com/news/1jg0cm9kd1c

Space Battle - https://atarigamer.com/news/1k7hhlw4d8g


This year is off to a great start! :grin:




@necrocia can you post a link?



I already did :? What other links are you after?

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No matter how many times I click those links and search for pictures and videos I find nothing? I must be doing something wrong....



There are no videos but pictures are there. From the news announcement (https://atarigamer.com/news/1k7hhlw4d8g) click the Space Battle link (https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/SpaceBattle/388193592) and then scroll down to where it says Game Media. You can also just search the game database I have (https://atarigamer.com/lynx/games) for Space Battle to find its information page. Hope that helps! :)

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Some nice posters from Luchs Software and homebrew exposed à the AC show in France last WE.

Unfortunately, I forgot to place order for recent releases :(

My son is playing Wyvern Tales on big screen on a McWill modded Lynx (yes, he waited for months to be at the show to discover that Lynx homebrew are great and he spent most part of his saturday playing them, rather than playing them at home before).


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