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Doom : Slayer Edition


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4 hours ago, joeatari1 said:

Love the extra colors used.  Instead of the plain clean wall aesthetic, it looks like Jag Doom has spent about 30 years in hell now. 😁

It's all that hellish interference that broke the networking.  It's now rusting the walls!

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8 hours ago, CyranoJ said:

Oh you want more?













Well, I played PSX Doom first and even had 2 systems and a link cable back in 97'.  Later I played Jaguar Doom and liked it better for the "Nightmare" mode which is basically "UV-Fast" but something other console ports of the time could not match.  Now you have music, bosses returned, textures, and looks like the steps/platforms removed back, with the "dynamic" lighting, this might even have some advantages over the original PC version due to the lighting.  I don't know if this will ever see a small cart release like the ST ports, but it warms my heart to see that the Jaguar was capable of doing this high quality of a port and just knowing that makes me even more proud to be a Jaguar fan.  I'm sure this requires a ton more cart space that was not available back then, but still FANTASTIC.  Thanks for putting up these pics, this has made my week along with having the new Towers in my hands.  


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