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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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All free, cost of shipping only. PM me if interested!:


1. Atari Flashback 2 - includes all parts but no box (it is destroyed). It works great but you have to put some folded up paper in the controller ports as the connections are loose. 3 lbs shipped parcel post or priority - CLAIMED!




2. Nintendo 64 Wipeout 64 - untested but it looks clean. 8 oz first class


for some reason the pic won't u/l but it looks good - CLAIMED!


3. Buck Rogers Giant Movie Edition comic - it's in decent condition, some creases around the edges but the interior looks great and colorful. 1979. 13 oz first class




4. Atari ST disks - a bunch of ST disks and blanks, some games, some programs. I never got around to testing them all. These came from ApolloBoy when I bought his ST. 4 lbs media mail - CLAIMED!



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just pay shipping




david cranes amazing tennis sealed

emmith smith football sealed

wayne greztky and the nhlpa all stars sealed

jeopardy sealed

ncaa football sealed

sports illustrated championship football n baseball sealed

espn national hockey sealed

jeopardy deluxe edition sealed

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*Chotto Shot Edit for PSP (UMD only). Japan only release for the Chotto Shot camera for the PSP. I haven't tested the game, but it is in excellent condition.

*Coby DP-151 digital photo frame keychain. Includes USB cable, driver disks, and all documents.



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