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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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Take these: 22 TG16/PCE TurboChip/HuCard sleeves. Generally a little yellowed/dingy/tacky.

Also 6 reproduction game inserts, I believe from Sparky at pcenginefx.com.


$4 shipped should cover it for United Statesians. Others, $6 shipped.






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Gone with the wind.



Does anyone need floppy disks? 10 DD 5-1/4" floppy disks. I formatted a few of these using a Commodore 64, and they worked just fine. DD disks should work fine for the Atari 8-bit as well, although I have not tested that. Didn't format them all, but they should all work. Labels and sleeves have some writing.


These weigh about 13 oz, and can ship first class mail. I'm going to guess about $4 for postage.


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Dumpster Dive: I found this sitting in the dumpster on top of the trash, the box has not been wet or anything and I wiped the outside down with some lysol, comes with everything (cept batteries for the controller) and works fine


pay postage







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FREE, just pay shipping. I think the top image is all Wii stuff, and the wire/battery pack are untested. The bottom image is a pair of ti99/4a joysticks with no cable. Even with a cable, they do not work due to the age/deterioration of the metal traces on the plastic board thing. For parts/repair only.




PM me your zipcode for shipping estimate.

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Tiger game.com.
No normal audio (some popping, interference sounds and a tone of sorts when powering off).

No stylus.

Touchscreen works.

LCD works as good as these things ever did.

Duke Nukem

Lights Out


Recipient pays shipping.

USPS from 85022

(US only shipping)



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Sega Game Gear battery pack. I think I tested it years ago when I had a Nomad I was going to use it with. Pretty sure the battery's dead.

But, I opened it up and it's a pretty standard 7.2v Ni-Cad 6 cell pack. Exactly like I used to run in my Tamiya R/C cars but with lighter gauge wires.


I built a tool to take out those oddball screws. I can leave it open and you can find some standard screws to put it back together with if you want.


I can just cut the wires on the battery side of the connector if you don't want to pay to ship the weight of a dead battery pack.


Recipient pays shipping. US Only.

If left disassembled, it will fit in the small USPS Flat Rate box @ $5.80. (Fairly sure I can fit the battery pack in there, too.)


[Edit]: added pictures


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I got a lot of random Sonic stuff if anyone wants:


  • 6 McDonalds LCD games (2 have working batteries, others will need to be replaced)
  • Small launcher toy (no launcher)
  • Large 8 inch figure (heavily beat up. There is a battery cover and speaker hole on the bottom of one of the feet, but the batteries are dead and I can't find how to activate sound (there is also a rattling noise from inside).

This is an all-or-nothing lot so everything must go at once. Just pay shipping (about 2.5 lbs).


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Free. Just pay shipping from 91101 USA.



1: CD: Atari Peripheral EMulator, Registered Edition, 600MB Pooldisk Archive, Imagic Utility. CD-ROM. Seems to work--inserted into my Win7 PC, ran setup.exe, saw splash screen, ejected. I think I had this when I had my SIO2PC & SIO2USB, but then I got Lotharek's awesome SIO2SD.



2: A whole lot of WIP on rolling my own Vectrex color wheels. Worked on this for over a year. Got tantalizingly close to finishing, hit some stumbling blocks, ready to punt & pass it on to somebody else to play with. See this thread for details:










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FREEEE! (I think I offered these once before and had no takers...I just came across them again while cleaning!)





Banjo-Tooie Strategy Guide Poster thingy from EGM back in the day!

Atari 2600 VCS Catalog

Super Mario 64 Instruction booklet

Donkey Kong 64 Instruction booklet....but the cover is torn off, but is complete!


I found these at the bottom of an old box in the attic, so they are kind of worn.

Anyone want them before I throw them in the trash?


If you don't live too far away, I'll pay the shipping.



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