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Donkey Kong XM Pre-order and demo


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I'm guessing a video of the XM's show presentation.


Hmm, European shows just aren't that formal - you attend, you wander around, sit down if something interests you, chat to the guy with the interesting new game/hardware/obscure console/whatever and then when you've done you move along and see whats happening on the next table. :-) I'm pretty sure there weren't any formal presentations at either of the two shows I attended where the XM was present, although GB did demonstrate his 24hour XM game to the judges at AC2012, I tried to video that but the crowds around were too obstructing. I also took some sneaky video of him demonstrating some of his games about a year ago at eJagfest, but since I shouldn't have been doing that I didn't go posting on youtube, I'll have to save those for the future just as curios. The videos I took at AC2012 and posted only show GB beavering away on his super-compact dev setup with the XM sat next to him displaying the title picture of something he was working on (I imagine at least).


Or gameplay of any of Grooveybee's forthcoming XM games that only people in Yugoslavia got to see.


Well I missed that show, probably because that country ceased to exist about 10 years ago :lol: I was there in France and in Germany (two fairly well known countries I believe) but missed the show in my home country due to having to work :(


Far as I can tell, well over 5,000 people have had the opportunity to see the XM first-hand, including dozens of members of this or similar forums.


In the age of Youtube and internet video streaming, still screenshots of video games are useless to me.


Oh, so it's the actual games and not the hardware you want to see running? That's totally GB's call, some people like to show WIP stuff of their games from the earliest stages, others prefer not to do this, I'm not exactly sure where GB stands on this but that's his call. I can totally see the benefit of not showing anything until it's 99% - from personal experience, you often end up being bombarded with the most retarded "you should do this" "make this faster" "make this colour different" kind of "feedback" that isn't really what you want to hear unless you're developing something openly or as part of a community effort. For instance, I know he posted shots of his ST Star Raiders on Jaguar recently, but that's a complete game, it's designed and done and nobody can blabber on about what he or she thinks you're doing wrong... having said that... that seems to be exactly what did happen regarding the use of the Jaguar keypad buttons :lol:


I'm sure if GB wanted to show off all his games he'd have put videos up months ago, it seems like he's happy to keep quietly working away on them until they are fit for public consumption :D

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In the age of Youtube and internet video streaming, still screenshots of video games are useless to me.


This is the reason why people who make the effort to go to shows and events get to see much more of what I'm working on and what the XM can do. You really can't beat seeing the kid in the candy store look on peoples faces when they start playing the XM games and seeing tech demos.

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I'm actually sending a development unit to you end of next week, PM was sent...


I'm confident that Curt is putting his full effort into getting this finished and won't be years away.


Regarding TIA, I won't put that back in since it would be a major step back in quality. You would be better off playing some music in the background. I do expect to ship before the end of December, even if the XM has not shipped. I'm pretty confident that the sound can be verified by the XM developers with minimum risk so I don't need one in hand. I'm putting together a prototype cart this weekend so I will be able to test everything but the sound on my console.

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So the fact that we are all working on it, continuing to improve it, that all of the plastics were made, all of the custom aluminum labels made, manuals, stacks of cardboard for the boxes, videos of the unit playing XM enhanced games... why would'nt it be delivered, I don't want all this shit sitting in my workshop any longer than it needs to be, your "suspicision" makes me very suspicious.... of you.



No one, Groovy, says that the XM doesn't exist at all - just a growing suspicion, nearing a certainty for many of us, that it'll never be delivered.

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Perry is doing perfectly fine and he'll be testing on real hardware end of next week...




Please keep on track and have this game released as an XM game. The XM will be released - groovybee posted a long response/update to what is going on. Yes, Curt did finish his Atari Vol1 book, but now his #1 priority is to get the XM out. We just need to be patient.

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Nov 13th - Okay, just spoke with Mark on a bunch of things, last 2 1/2 weeks were completely lost due to Hurricane Sandy and then the Nor'easter that hit. Office power was down for a while, some minor damage to the roof and looks like I've got 2 leaks coming into the workshop downstairs, but fortunately its on the opposite side of the shop so all of the boxes of XM cases, cartridge parts and other things never were in trouble. The Legacyengineer.com server is down however, so I am working to try and get things fixed with that. So I'm trying to get things back on track again and need some comments back from Mark this coming weekend, so I'll get another update up early next week.




Thanks Curt! Sorry to hear about the leaks! Anytime homeowner stuff happens it can be a royal pain! Congrats on the launch of the book and now back to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.


Please let us know how DK runs on real hardware! Very exciting!

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I've added this list to the first post. I will be updating it as orders get paid. 46 of the 50 carts in the first batch have been paid for. I'll order parts for another 10 (or more if needed) after payments are received. If you havn't sent your address to get to get shipping cost, please PM me. If you havn't paid yet and want to get the cart when they ship in December, please send via paypal. Thank you.


1 NML32 Paid

2 Trebor Paid

3 iesposta Paid

4 twoquickcapri Paid

5 waggie Paid

6 allpaul Paid

7 corby Paid

8 trekmd Paid

9 gambler172 Paid

10 nuclear pacman Paid

11 Gandor Paid

12 eddhead Paid

13 Mitch Paid

14 cfn Paid

15 gorfcadet Paid

16 JonnyBritish Paid

17 Mayhem Paid

18 atarinerd Paid

19 jeffgamer Paid

20 streps Paid

21 thursday83 Paid

22 swlovinist Paid

23 MetalGhost Paid

24 keitaro Paid

25 moon patrol Paid

26 HammR25 Paid

27 ckirkman Paid

28 edweird13 Paid

29 evg2000 Paid

30 cmart604 Paid

31 jwierer Paid

32 kman Paid

33 AtariBrian Paid

34 atarinut76 Paid

35,36 lucifershalo Paid

37 ntavio Paid

38 retrogmr Paid

39 smagnotta Paid

40 marc oberhauser Paid

41 mmervine Paid

42 furor Paid

43 zodiacprime Paid

44 san-d-2000 Paid

45 jinks Paid

46 Atariappleman Paid

47 available

48 available

49 available

50 available

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Ok here's a question. If Beef Drop VE is coded to work with audio on both a stock 7800 and with the XM with pokey sound, is it possible to do that with this version of DK? I'm not understanding why Beef Drop seems to be the only game to date that has dual audio code.


beefdrop is 32kb+pokey scheme,

same as frogger or ballblazer for that matter.


this game could very well support pokey audio on standard 7800,


but requiring expensive doners, or the will to do a CC2 bin




just the author wants it to be XM only, even though there's no XM yet -aside GroovyBee's- :thumbsdown:


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beefdrop is 32kb+pokey scheme,

same as frogger or ballblazer for that matter.


this game could very well support pokey audio on standard 7800,


but requiring expensive doners, or the will to do a CC2 bin





Pardon, but that doesn't address the question. The question is, why can't more games be coded to have standard 7800 audio on a stock console, and then switch to pokey sound with the XM, exactly like Beefdrop VE?

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