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Sears TELE-GAMES INTV (new) Overlay set


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On side note: I just got back from the post office and shipping to Canada has went up a lot! Last year it use to cost about $5.00 ($1.00 for the box and $4.00 for first class shipping). Now it is still $1.00 for the box but the shipping is $10.55!!!! I just putting this out there so there is no sticker shock on shipping for my friends up North.


You are right, the costs have really gone up.


A service I could offer to any of my fellow Canadians:


I live close enough to the border that I have a US address and I am always going over to pick up packages.


We could always have sets shipped to my US address, I could go pick them up, bring them to Canada an ship them from within Canada to keep the costs down.


Just let me know if this is something you want to look at, happy to do for my AA brothers.

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Thanks for the update, pboland! Thanks to a gracious benefactor (Rev), I now have a complete set of the Sears Super Video Arcade games. I will sleep soundly tonight sucking my thumb while dreaming about your upcoming overlay set :sleep: Just wake me when they are done :grin:


Thanks to a gracious helper (Jason), I am getting there!!!

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Update time: First, I want to apologize, as this project is taking a lot longer than I originally intended. For that reason I'm really sorry this isn't done yet, but it will get done. I know you guys are looking forward to these and this summer has been a little crazy and the time just wasn't there to work on them.

My kids just started back to school this past week and I just started working the project once again. I'm hoping to have the first round of them done sometime in September (at least that's my goal). I am currently waiting on some more label stock for the matching cart labels and I started cutting and folding boxes. So right now I'm on track for my September goal. As they say (who ever "they" are) Good things come to those who wait. :)

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Update time once again:


Had to get more toner for my color laser printer and I decided to make sure I have about 60 copies. The styrofoam inserts are not going to work (at least the way I had hoped), so it is time for plan "B". Here's a few pics to show what I have so far.


First 40 boxes:



First 20 sets of Overlays/Labels:



Remaining 40 sets of uncut overlays:



I still need to cut the above overlays, make 20 more boxes, 40 more sets of labels, and figure out how I want to handle the box inserts. I can tell you guys right now the box inserts will not be anything fancy (I already have way too much money in this project). I just need to put something in the box to help hold its shape. I may go back to the styrofoam idea if I can find a good clean way to cut it.


On a side note: In another thread I posted about some new 2600 Activision labels I'm working on. It was suggested that I also make a poster of those labels. What do you guys think about a possible Sears INTV overlay poster (separate project of course)?



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You mean a single poster showing all Sears overlays? For $15ish, I'd buy one ;-)

That might be tough. I haven't really looked yet, but a year ago the best price I could find would cost me $15.00 plus shipping. I would loose money on every sale. I can't do that.

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