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Old School Order Thread

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I'm interested in #80

This is only the Upgrade Kit right?

Where can I get the game itself? From Elektronite?

#80 is the full complete game shrinkwrapped. I put you down for it and I will be shipping them out. Send me a PM with the country I will be sending it to and I will reply with payment instructions.

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I dont really get it. How much would it cost to upgrade my oldschool (cheapest way) as a european? I already have the cart at home.

It is $32 for the Upgrade. It includes Manual, 2 overlays and a pre-built box. Shipping to Europe is $12. so your total would be $44 US Dollars.

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I wish I could alleviate the cost differences for the cart only release and the CIB, but I can't. Shipping and paypal cost money. I did reduce the shipping for the upgrade kits though.


Also, I wish I could make the Cart only with upgrade more special than no serial number and no producer listed in the software, but I can't without going to more expense and that brings us back to the previous.


I am going to break about even on this venture. I just thought it would be cool to have a box, even for my cart only release.


I hope that answers some questions that have been asked.

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Please put me down for serial #100 to go with my 2 upgrades that are already on your list.


Thank you for your help, great job stepping up!


And I agree, CIB is the way to go, especially when you have every game made.......CIB!


Glad you did this! ;-)

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The special short run serialized release doubled in size after it was clearly stated that all after the first 50 would be non serialized CIB or upgrade kits. Seems kinda odd marketing to change the rules in the middle of the production. IMO anyhow. Maybe a run of 1 though 10 done 10 times is next. That way 100 people can have hight numbers.


Don't change the rules midway guys.

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