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Old School Order Thread

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I contacted William and I wanted to keep everyone up to date on the progress of Old School and provide you with enough advance information to make your plans for purchase.


I will be assembling all boxes, shrink-wrapping CIBs and shipping both CIBs and upgrades kits from California USA. Printing will begin at the end of June/Beginning of July with the hopes of receiving all the materials for an early/mid August shipping time-frame. It depends on how long printing and assembly takes.


As it stands right now there will only be 200 boxes and manuals, 400 overlays and 100 cartridges manufactured. 100 CIBs and 100 upgrade kits. If there are more reservations that exceed these amounts, I will see if more can be provided at that time. When the materials are printed, the number is final for the August shipping. William will make the decision after his move whether he wants to make more and they will be purchased from him.


I will accept reservations and payments until I begin shipping (August) as long as there are open CIB and upgrade slots available. Once I have shipped all that have been paid for, The remaining unpaid ones, including those that were reserved and left unpaid, will go on ebay.

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Payments continue to roll in and the list is getting close to being complete. Here is an update of those remaining, in case you lost track:



4. gunoz

8. JasonlikesINTV

10. ElvisAtari


19. Special Teams - PAID (Partial)

21. stupus

22. JoeM_Intellivision

24. Special Teams

33. Certifiable

44. JoeM_Intellivision

45. revolutionika

47. revolutionika

52. rpgcollector

57. Alex [E]

60. Darren [E]

61. Darren [E]

62. Darren [E]

63. Darren [E]

68. Paul D [E]

70. pittheat

72. revolutionika

73. revolutionika

82. JoeM_Intellivision

83. JoeM_Intellivision

90. bunion1971


Upgrade Kits - No Serials

5. JoeM_Intellivision

6. JoeM_Intellivision

7. JoeM_Intellivision

8. JoeM_Intellivision

21. Certifiable

22. Certifiable

26. gunoz

46. JasonlikesINTV

47. JasonlikesINTV

50. Utopia

67. bunion1971

70. atari5200dude82

76. IntellivisionDude

77. Michael G.

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