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What have you PLAYED weekly tracker 2024 (ALL GENERATIONS)

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Quantum 39 



Realsports Tennis 23 


Atari Jaguar 

Ruiner Pinball 100 



Neon Ships: The Type'em Up Shooter 39 


Xbox Series S/X 

Atari 50 53 

The Expanse: A Telltale  Series 300 


Punch Out 78

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On 1/5/2024 at 12:07 PM, Atarian7 said:

@carlssonSorry if I missed it, but why did you decide to merge the two trackers?


On 1/5/2024 at 4:24 PM, carlsson said:

Quite a few people expressed their wish to do it, as it lets them post everything in one place, and less confusion which system goes where. It also saves me a little time by only handling one set of statistics. I posted a question if there were strong objections, but never saw any.


Also lately the action in the modern tracker has subsided quite a bit, so the difference in number of minutes per week or even per game isn't that large as it was a few years ago, so the first 30 years of video games pretty well matches the last 20 years.


21 hours ago, Prosystemsearch said:

Just asking: what was the reason for the merging of the modern and retro "what have you played over the week" threads?

I'll say I like it.  I tend to play a lot of "modern" systems but often the games I play on them are sequels, ports, or inspired by a game that would be in the classic tracker (ex Wii Punch Out or Xbox Atari 50).  I started to feel like I was missing out on some of the community and potential interactions that I might get from the good ole classic group about games that relate to both audiences.

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Also, as this is AtariAge, most of us origin from playing the old games. Some have moved on to newer systems, others (like me) thought that most of the magic in video games faded in 1993 and mostly hang onto our childhood favorites. On a different forum more oriented towards modern gaming, I don't think a merge would've worked because then the ratio probably had been 5:1 between post-2000 and pre-2000, while here it is closer to 2:1 or lately 1:1.

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17 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

There is not a year in gaming history* I don't have a favorite from, so I don't mind the combination.


* at least since 1975, but I would love to revisit mainframe games if there were a convenient way to do so.

Same.  I pretty much play games from 1977 (i.e., Atari 2600) onward.

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Week 04 Summary


For the week January 22 - 28, we logged 5401 minutes of gaming, playing 67 games (of which 11 new) on a total of 24 systems.


Individual Top 20


1. Hot Springs Story (Switch) - 860 min.
2. Dead Space: Extraction (Wii) - 422 min.
3. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) - 310 min.
4. Expanse: A Telltale Series, The (Xbox Series S/X) - 300 min. (#5)
5. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) (SNES) - 228 min.
6. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 179 min. (#9)
7. Paku Paku (Browser based) - 175 min. (#10)
8. Retro Bowl College (Android) - 173 min. (#7)
9. Marvel vs. Capcom (Dreamcast) - 150 min.
9. Stupid Invaders (Dreamcast) - 150 min.
11. Kung Fu Master (Atari 2600) - 130 min.
12. Might and Magic (Commodore 64) - 120 min. (#1)
13. Berzerk (Atari 2600) - 112 min. (#20)
14. Retro Bowl (Android) - 105 min. (#12)
15. Ruiner Pinball (Atari Jaguar) - 100 min.
16. Snow Bros. (Arcade) - 95 min.
17. Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) - 87 min.
18. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 81 min.
19. Dig Dug II (NES/Famicom) - 78 min.
19. Punch-Out (Wii) - 78 min. (#16)


Pre-NES Top 10


1. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 179 min. (PN#3)
2. Kung Fu Master (Atari 2600) - 130 min. (PN#9)
3. Might and Magic (Commodore 64) - 120 min. (PN#1)
4. Berzerk (Atari 2600) - 112 min. (PN#4)
5. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 81 min. (PN#5)
6. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 62 min.
7. Quantum (Arcade) - 39 min.
7. Stampede (Intellivision) - 39 min.
9. Solar Plexus (Atari 2600) - 30 min.
10. RealSports Tennis (Atari 2600) - 23 min.


Systems Top 20


1. Switch (7 games) - 1015 min. (#3)
2. Dreamcast (5 games) - 700 min.
3. Atari 2600 (11 games) - 672 min. (#1)
4. Wii (2 games) - 500 min. (#12)
5. Xbox Series S/X (2 games) - 353 min. (#6)
6. Android (2 games) - 278 min. (#4)
7. SNES (2 games) - 264 min. (#16)
8. Arcade (7 games) - 244 min. (#18)
9. Browser based (2 games) - 234 min. (#8)
10. PC Modern (5 games) - 199 min. (#11)
11. Genesis (4 games) - 197 min. (#20)
12. Nokia N-Gage (2 games) - 120 min.
12. Commodore 64 (1 game) - 120 min. (#5)
14. Atari Jaguar (1 game) - 100 min.
15. Game Boy (2 games) - 95 min.
16. NES/Famicom (1 game) - 78 min. (#2)
17. Intellivision (3 games) - 54 min.
17. Apple iOS (2 games) - 54 min. (#17)
19. Nintendo 64 (1 game) - 32 min. (#15)
20. Game Boy Color (1 game) - 30 min.


This week's #1 game is a modern game, Hot Springs Story, only released 5.5 years ago (if you count the Switch version, soon 13 years ago for the iOS version). It is followed by another modern game, Dead Space: Extraction which only has been on the market for 14.5 years, basically a newcomer in the grand scheme of things. On the pre-NES list, we have Solar Fox which was released about 40-41 years ago, followed by the 37 year old Kung Fu Master (going by Atari 2600 dates) and equally old Might and Magic.


Systems wise, the Switch is back in the top with Dreamcast and Atari 2600 in strong second and third places. We still have a distribution 14/10 between classic and modern systems, counting all featured this week, though this list is the most probable one to see a perfect split in.


Finally, NFL 2K1 (Dreamcast) becomes member #548 in the 1000 Minute Club and possibly one of the newest games to ever qualify for that one, with a total of 1050 minutes.

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Yesterday's (1/30, since I already listed 1/31 by accident) totals:


Genesis / Mega Drive

1) Mega Bomberman - 50 minutes

2) Megapanel - 5 minutes


Neo Geo

1) Metal Slug - 5 minutes



1) Retro Bowl - 25 minutes

Edited by Hwlngmad
Needed to add an additional game
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Here are my times:




Afterburner (unlicensed): 4 minutes

Aladdin (unlicensed version): 8 minutes

Alien Syndrome (unlicensed): 5 1/2 minutes

Abadox: 3 minutes

Jurassic Park: 8 minutes

Soap Panic (unlicensed): 2 minutes

Smash T.V.: 7 1/2 minutes


ZX Spectrum-

Star Wars Arcade: 6 minutes

Smash T.V.: 8 1/2 minutes



Nintendo Gamecube-

Animal Crossing: 20 minutes


Nintendo Gameboy-

Megaman- Dr. Wily's Revenge: 16 minutes

Nintendo Gameboy Color-

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: 7 minutes


Nintendo Gameboy Advance-

Warioware INC.: 15 minutes

Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories: 8 minutes

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Here are my times for this week (January 29th through February 4th, 2024)...



ChooseYourStory.com: My posessions - 27 min.

ChooseYourStory.com: Just Another Saturday Night - 27 min.

ChooseYourStory.com: HBIO Project - 4 min.

Quest (Youtube Choose-your-own-adventure game) - 41 min.


Commodore 64:

Bristles - 24 min.


This week was a bit about choose-your-own-adventure games which actually used to be published as books. After seeing one of those with a pupil of a different class, I started to write one myself back in 1987-1989 while in school, but it didn't get beyond that one copy on paper. However, mine seems to work quite differently from what's offered in those books, leaning more towards what text adventure games on early home computers had to offer. You see, those books mostly have a story which is constantly advancing and hardly ever circles back. Mine, in constrast, has a bunch of locations, practically an open world, you can freely go to, where several characters appear you can interact with, or you can enter one of the venues or join a party and take part in the storyline offered there until finally it puts you back into the open. The chapters are pretty short with only a few lines each, down to one line in some cases where a character only gives a brief response to what you're saying and then it rebranches. The characters and places are all taken from real life, and all the parties described really took place, just without some of the options possible in the game, and not all at once. The whole thing is called "The grindy adventure", and maybe one day I will bring it into electronic form. I hope the people depicted in it won't get angry about this. ;-)


Anyway, this is why I looked for a site where you can play and even design choose-your-own-adventure games online, which ChooseYourStory.com is, and I played three of the games offered there, My possessions, Just Another Saturday Night, and HBIO Project. I also played a choose-your-own-adventure game offered on Youtube called "Quest", however, while those on ChooseYourStory.com have different branches, "Quest" rebranches quite often, so that in a typical playthrough you will see nearly all the scenes the game has to offer, and if you choose different paths, you will get to see the same scenes as well, just with a different outcome and maybe in a slightly different order.


Other than that, I tried "Bristles" for the C-64 by First Star Software, but I didn't find it too enjoyable, so I have no urge to play it more.

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Unusually high minutes for me this week but that is because I stayed with kids at my mom's during the weekend and had nothing but free time. Had to put SD3 on hold for a bit as the retro game room there did not have an hdmi TV for my Super NT. Wanted to try my new Freeloader, so I brought along my trusty Gamecube. Hadn't planned on it but most of the time was spent playing Frog Golf, aka Frolf. Great bonkers fun. 


Alien Hominid, US - 23min
Bomberman Land 2, jpn - 32min
Kerokeroking DX, jpn (Ribbit King) - 613min


Seiken Densetsu 3 - 461min


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ATARI 2600 (All games played for HSC):

Desert Falcon - 15 minutes

Jr. Pac-Man - 120 minutes

Solar Plexus - 20 minutes

Thrust+ Platinum - 5 minutes


ATARI 5200:

Galaxian - 80 minutes

Millipede (for HSC) - 80 minutes



Atari Invaders - 140 minutes

Deluxe Invaders - 80 minutes

Dig Dug - 20 minutes



1) 5200 Millipede video footage presented for HSC - Score: 326,142 points



2) 5200 Galaxian, Skill Level 9 - Score: 12,230



3) 8-BIT Atari Invaders, Game 9 - Score: 17,820



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For me, this week was mostly playing games for the Atari Homebrew Awards: 


Which you should all consider participating in! If it's too overwhelming to vote in everything (I had to skip the computers and 5200) then just pick one. I suggest the Lynx :D


With a minor in comparative Truxton studies.



Snow Bros 2: With New Elves - 20 min


ABB is me hitting the fire button too fast. Snow Bros but much creepier.


Tetris (Sega) - 10 min


Truxton - 90 min


Twin Cobra - 20 min


Atari 2600:

Berry Fun - 10 min


After spending the first couple minutes thinking it was crashing, I figured out this whac-a-mole like, and it's tremendous fun. Pretty stressful, though - it just keeps coming!


Beyond Parsec - 5 min

A fun two-player game that I played one player. It's not so fun that way but I can imagine what it's like the way it's supposed to be played.


Bob & The Alien Fireflies - 10 min

A super simple and yet extremely addictive idea, this is a 4K game that punches above its byte size.


Book of Five Rings - 5 min

A fighting game with detailed graphics in 4K? Indeed it is. It's fun, too!


Bot & Tom - 15 min


This one's a controller breaker but so worthwhile. Surely will be a strong candidate for GOTY. It's a <4K game but could easily stand against the bigger games. Absolutely a must play.


Button - 15 min

This is a Super Meat Boy-type extreme platformer, one of the first I know of on the 2600, and it has everything associated with the genre: wall slides, double jumps, and more. It is just too hard for me but I hope balancing improves it before release.


Caramujo - 35 min

My old joke that I enjoy "slow gaming" (back when "slow everything" was the trend) is realized in this game where you play as a snail with all of the speed of a snail. It's my personal favorite homebrew of 2023. If you have the patience and the time, it is deeply rewarding and such a wild idea I have to have a physical copy.


Dark Keep - 45 min


It took me a long time to figure this out and there were still things I didn't get. I didn't play the board game that this is a video game port of, though I've played its action-oriented Vectrex implementation. This is the actual board game, and once you understand all the different mechanisms it's really compelling. Fantastic artwork as well.


Duelo - 10 min

At just 2K this 1 on 1 shooter, reminiscent of the Game Boy hidden gem Volleyfire, is a tremendous achievement. Fun, addictive, and rewarding.


Elevator Agent - 25 min


Mindbending implementation of Elevator Action for the 2600. How does he do it??


Frazzled - 15 minutes

This is like Lights Out meets Sundance (at least graphically) and it really challenges my ability to do Lights Out in a different way. Basically you have to match a pattern instead of turning them all on or off, and somehow that seems harder?


Game of the Bear 2 Much to Bear - 10 min

More Game of the Bear, with even more refined platforming challenges. VHZC has platforming on the 2600 down to an art form and it's amazing to see his games keep improving.


Kovi Kovi - 35 min


I couldn't really get to grips with how the vaccines worked in this but I know when I do this will stand as one of the best puzzle games on the 2600. I don't understand how the graphics are possible.


Laserface Island - 15 min

This 4K(!) top down exploration game would be perfect for my tastes except or two things. When you change screens, no matter where you left the first screen, you show up in the middle of the next screen. Secondly, the enemies are gigantic. As a result, I had to move between screens so carefully that it made the game less fun. Plus I still ran into enemies a lot. With adjustments to enemy size or just to the screen-change behavior I would love this. It's astonishing that they fit at least two different game modes in 4K, though!


Laserface Planet - 20 minutes

This sequel to Laserface Island takes a side view and is much less unforgiving. It's a really great time while keeping the same amazing graphics and exploration.


The Legend of Zelda - 5 min


This is super impressive gameplay wise, but the sound is the real star - it sounds both melodious and accurate. Amazing work all around.


Lucky Chase - 15 min

An almost arcade-perfect implementation of Lock'n'Chase that leaves the poor old Mattel version in the dust. This looks, sounds, and plays amazing.


Minigun Miner - 5 min

A fun start by drludos, this game is a great idea that needs some polishing. I find that I spend lots of time clearing the area around the gems which makes the game go very slow. I bet he'll figure out how to make it faster-paced, though!


Minotaur - 10 minutes

A fantastic implementation of Battle City on the 2600.


Myst - 5 min


I would really need to play through Myst fresh before even trying to make progress in this, but it's staggering that they seem to have implemented the whole thing on a 2600, even including the FMVs (sort of)!


Oh No! More Peril - 25 min


A fantastic helicopter rescue game with some fiendish challenges by VHZC, another sequel that keeps raising the bar.

Pas de Deux - 20 min

Another mind-breaker from @Thomas Jentzsch. I couldn't stop playing this and definitely will be picking this one up when it releases.


Paul's HappyBird - 5 min

Parallax scrolling on the 2600? You betcha. This may be another Flappy Bird, but it's a great one with amazing graphics.


Penult - 10 min


An astonishing homage to Ultima on the 2600. They said it couldn't be done!


Space Instigators 20th Anniverary Edition - 5 min

A terrific and accurate Space Invaders port.


Steps - 30 min

Who thought that executing an algorithm would be so fun! This is yet another game I couldn't figure out at first and came to love once I realized what was going on. Beat twice at two different difficulties.


Strike Zone Bowling - 15 min


This is the system's best bowling game and would compare well to any other bowling game. The level of detail and animations in the graphics combine with refined gameplay to make this too a must play. You even get a burger after the game! It's on the NuVCS as well if you have one of those!


Tober's Nightmare - 20 min

This original Halloween game is a treat for the eyes, ears, and fingers. A really refined game that would surely be considered one of the system's best if it had been released back in the day.


Xanthiom - 15 minutes



Listed in the ports category but a wholly original game with enemy designs borrowed from Metroid. They should really strip that stuff away and make it wholly original, it's worth it.


Zkeep - 15 min


This first person rolling-a-ball-down-a-tube is another graphical stunner on the 2600, and the music is absolutely fantastic. Definitely one to play, and it's not even done yet!


Atari 7800:

Block'Em Sock'Em - 20 min

This puzzler designed by and starring the Immortal John Hancock is really fun, but I keep messing up. There's something I don't understand here...


Drelbs - 25 min


This port of a classic 8 bit computer game is a really creative, acid-washed take on games like Lady Bug. But for all it borrows from other maze games like Warp Warp and Lady Bug, it does a lot that's original. Fantastic port and it seems really polished.


Ducks Away - 20 min


A really fun takeoff on Duck Hunt where one or more players can play as the dog. No actual hunting, but some hilarious ducks including one you may recognize from a different game...


Food Fight - 15 min

Had to fit a classic in.


Harpy's Curse - 10 min

I had already played this a bit on the VCS but I am eagerly awaiting my cartridge to enjoy this the best way.

I Ran - 10 min

Great if early endless runner from VHZC.


Knight Guy - In Another Castle - 5 min

More great Knight Guy levels!


Orion Assault - 10 min

A very polished WIP of a fixed shooter with some interesting differences. Really looking forward to seeing the final implementation. Seems to be operating in high res?


PentaGo - 10 min

I still suck at Pengo, but at least I did it in style with this port!


Plumb Luck DX - 10 min

Did Pipe Dream always show you all the pipe pieces coming? If not, this is a huge improvement on Pipe Dream because you are a lot less at the mercy of chance. If so I guess I should have been paying more attention all these years.


RatTrap - 15 min


This port of Exidy's Mouse Trap is really polished but so much harder than the versions I've played before that I had to check my difficulty switches. Nope, that wasn't the problem! I am not good at the game but hopefully the final version will tone down the difficulty at least a little.


StoneAge - 15 min

This is a port of the Tandy/Tomy Tabletop VFD classic Caveman, in the same style as Nintendo's gussied-up Game & Watch ports. So far it doesn't quite play as well as the original, but it's getting there. I am really looking forward to the finished product, as it's one of my favorite tabletops.


Wilf - 20 min

I liked this so much I played the demo twice. It's very early but it's already obvious it will be something really special.


Atari Jaguar:

The Hunt - 15 min

Very cool game in an underrepresented genre on the Jaguar.


Raiding Rivers - 5 min


Shoot 'Em Up 3D - 20 min

Yet another fantastic game from DrTypo that really puts the Jaguar hardware to use.


Atari Lynx:

Chasm Warden - 25 min


Chasm Warden is the first Puzzloop-like game I know of on the Lynx, which can always use more good puzzle games, and is a very entertaining one. I think it needs to go a lot faster but otherwise it's a fantastic start.


Circuit Dude - 20 min


Circuit Dude is a puzzle game in the vein of Chip's Challenge with some really devious challenges. Amazingly, it is ultimately intended to support editing levels and sharing them online from the Lynx itself through the 8-Bit Hub. That would be a first and is a super exciting development.


Dungeddon - 10 min


A very fun horizontal scrolling shooter disguised as a run-and-gun.


Grogger - 10 min


Grogger is a rock-solid and beautiful implementation of Tapper, and is right away one of the best arcade ports on the Lynx. My only complaint is that the high score immediately disappears.


Hero Dust - 10 min


Hero Dust is an imaginative start to a 3D dungeon crawler. Playing as a dungeon defender taking down well meaning heroes is a funny twist. We have Eye of the Beholder but a more dynamic, less fussy one would be really welcome. The current implementation is very minimal, but it is one of the games I would be most excited to see turned into a full-fledged game.


LynxOps - 5 min


Finished the prototype, I guess. Enemies just stopped coming.


Marlboro Go - 5 min


Cigarette advertising has rarely been so playable.


RED Against the Machines - 15 min

RED Against the Machines is a worthy followup to one of everyone's favorite hardcore dodge em ups from Lynxmas a few years ago. It's one of the releases I'm most looking forward to in 2024.


Running Knight - 10 min


Running Knight is one of drludos's signature single-life score challenges. It perfectly balances risk and reward and keeps interesting choices coming. It's one of the most polished games here and only needs a little more polishing to be worthy of a full-fledged release.


Scooternia - 15 min


Terrific scrolling dodging game where my only complaint is that it's so easy to accidentally move past your high score screen. I scored over 130 and missed the screenshot 😭


Scrolls of the Time Lord (Lovejoy Prologue) - 15 min


Very fun memorization challenge where you have to navigate by memory in the dark.

Snake (2023) - 5 min


A very tiny but fun implementation of Snake.


Star Blader - 10 min

A fighting game with two buttons? This is better than most with extremely impressive graphics and sound. I was playing the old prototype but the final version is coming this year.


Stinger - 10 min


A very simple shooter ported to literally dozens of platforms with almost PETSCII looking graphics, this nevertheless ends up being a very fun and compelling game.


Timeloop - 5 min


My best score ever!


Bit Corp Gamate:

Further Adventures of Hannibal the Cat - 35 minutes


Fun Parodius clone, very kid friendly up until well into the game... (Not censored in the original)



Paku Paku - 34 min

Suika Game - 24 min


No new high scores in either, but I got semi close to another double watermelon.


Commodore Amiga:

Bridge Strike - 60 min


This game loads frustratingly slowly on the Evercade, which emulates the disk drive, too. It's pretty fun but the balance is not quite at River Raid's level.


Dedicated Handheld/Tabletop:

Basic Fun Joust (LCD) - 20 min


Somehow I have figured this out almost enough to crack 100k. You would not believe this if you saw it. It's really strange.


NEC PC Engine:

Kyuukyoku Tiger - 20 min


Seems easier than the arcade.


Tatsujin - 30 min


Seems harder than the arcade, at least in the early going.


Nintendo 64:

Banjo Kazooie - 90 min


This era of gaming passed me by, so it's interesting to visit. I found the DK and Diddy reference in the first world amusing.


Nintendo DS:

Puzzler World - 90 min



Nintendo DSi:

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon - 30 min



Nintendo Game Boy Color:

Zephyr's Pass - 90 min


Playtesting this as a volunteer. Found some bugs but it's really a great game.


Nintendo Switch:

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics - 125 min


Most of which was toy baseball, haha


Daily Dadish - 15 min



Loop Hero - 75 min


A fantastic idle game that's not very idle.


Mixolumia - 25 min


I keep getting better at this and appreciating it more. Thanks to whoever here turned me onto it!

Sonic Origins/Plus - 25 min


Sonic 1 Starring Knuckles


Sega Game Gear:

Sonic 2 - 10 min


Tails SkyPatrol - 25 min



Sega Genesis:

Hellfire - 25 min


Truxton - 45 min



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Incredible variety @jgkspsx - I will have to check out the homebrew awards downloads and stash some of those away.


Oculus Quest 2

Beat Saber Demo 10

First Steps with Quest 2 20



Punch-Out 686


Working my way through Wii Punch-Out.  I've also borrowed my nephew's Quest 2.  I tried to play Half Life Alex on it, but I need a different cable.  I'll get that during the week and hopefully start playing Alex before I post in this thread again.

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All Sega for me again. Beat Baku Baku, fun little puzzler. 


Sega Game Gear

Baku Baku - 100min

Super Return of the Jedi - 80min

Samurai Shodown - 45min


Sega Dreamcast

Skies of Arcadia - 640min

Sonic Adventure - 40min

Marvel Vs. Capcom - 40min

Dead or Alive 2 - 30min

Tony Hawks Pro Skater - 20min






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My times from 2/2 to 2/4 were:



1) Retro Bowl - 45 minutes


Game Boy

1) Bomberman GB 3 - 15 minutes


Genesis / Mega Drive

1) Side Pocket - 20 minutes

Edited by Hwlngmad
Needing to add a game and adjust time for another
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Week of 1/29/24 - 2/4/24


Not a lot of gaming for me last week and nearly all of it was for the HSC (my time with G.I. Joe was a failed attempt to get the Easter egg before switching to the much easier E.T.) I wish I had had more time to spend on Thrust+, one of my favorite homebrews.


Atari 2600

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 30

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike - 10

Solar Plexus - 40

Thrust + - 20



Duolingo - 37

Jumbline 2 - 17


Total time = 154 minutes

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