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What have you PLAYED weekly tracker 2024 (ALL GENERATIONS)

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tl;dr: Play video games of ANY generation (1950 - 2024) and post your times!

Breaking news! The classic tracker (16 seasons), which once started in the Atari 2600 subforum and since many years has lived in the classic console subforum, has been merged with the modern tracker (6 seasons), which has lived in the modern gaming subforum, and now moved here to Gaming General.

So what is this?


The basic idea is that while you're playing video games, you keep some kind of count how long you play each game and on which system/format. Some count their minutes very exactly, others do a rough estimate in steps of 5 or 10 minutes. You write down each game you played this week (or last few weeks if you have been absent) and how many minutes you played it. Hours are fine too, which I convert into minutes.


You can post multiple times per week, or collect everything into one post by Sunday/Monday/Tuesday the following week. You don't have to participate every week, it is fine if you stop by every now and then.


Around Tuesday evening (European time), I will compile statistics for the logged games with top lists for most played games and most played systems. At the end of the year, I will also post seasonal statistics as well as all-time records.


Since we merge well over 50 years worth of video games into one log, the weekly top lists will consist of the following categories:


  • Top 20 individual games (all generations)
  • Top 10 games in the pre-NES generation (i.e. systems released before the end of 1985)
  • Top 20 systems (all generations)


What falls into pre-NES or not can sometimes be debatable. When it comes to arcade games, I use online resources to determine the release year. For illogical reasons, I tend to count the Sega SG-1000 as pre-NES, since it basically has the same hardware as e.g. Colecovision, while obviously the Nintendo Famicom which was released at the exact same day as the Sega, does not belong to pre-NES, since it contains newer hardware. Also I won't count neither the Apple Macintosh, Atari ST nor Commodore Amiga as pre-NES, though some of those may have been released before the NES was released in Western markets. When it comes to PC/MS-DOS games, I use release year and/or hardware requirements, i.e. games runnable on a 286 with CGA or EGA would be pre-NES but not DOS games requiring VGA and a 386 or better.


1. Be sure to list the system (console, computer, handheld, arcade, flight company etc), the name of the game, and the length of time you play. Please note if the game has any alternate titles by which it's better known (i.e. Air Sea Battle vs. Target Fun). If you list multiple games, please group them by platform. If you play on a backwards-compatible system, e.g. Atari 2600 games on the 7800, GB/GBC games on the GBA, Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, the game should be listed under the older platform's name.


Note that we track video games here. While you are welcome to post your times on e.g. pinball games, board games, card games etc, those will not be counted. Of course if you play a video game simulating a pinball game or a board game, it counts. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the arcade game Baby Pac-Man (and a few more from the same publisher) which consists of a video game part and a pinball game part.


2. Each week runs Monday through Sunday (at midnight), though exceptions may occur around New Year. Try to post your times no later than night to Tuesday in your local timezone. I will generally wait until late Tuesday evening Central European Time before compiling the stats. If you post after stats have been posted, your times will be counted for the next week. Feel free to indicate in your post which dates your times relate to.


3. Playing on actual vintage hardware is preferred, although emulators are certainly allowed. In some cases (homebrews in development, rare arcade games) the may be no alternative to using an emulator.

4. Arcade games played in collections on other systems count towards the Arcade category if the compilation consists of a built-in emulator running ROM from the original games. Generally speaking, arcade collections for systems released before year 2000 tend to be recreated code which means it goes as a distinct title for that system, while newer collections more commonly emulate the original ROMs. Thus it sometimes can be hard to tell when to list games separately and when to group them. For instance, if you play 45 minutes of Robotron via Midway Arcade Treasures for the XBox, those 45 minutes are counted towards the arcade game, but if you played it on the Nintendo 64, it is counted as a N64 game rather than arcade. In case of uncertainty, make a note where it was played and we'll help each other out. Of course playing on MAME always means it counts towards Arcade since that is an emulator itself.

5. You don't just have to post a bare list of times -- comments, stories, images, gripes, and helpful hints are always encouraged! If you're struggling with a level, got a new high score, or have some thoughts about what's great or what stinks about a particular game...well, that's the kind of stuff that makes this fun to read.

How to make the statskeeper's life easier:

- If you post a big list of games, please consider alphabetizing them first (after grouping them by platform, which also is helpful to alphabetize).

- Posting your times in minutes, rather than hours + minutes, makes things a little simpler.

- Even if you don't know the exact time, it's better to post a specific number and say it's an estimate. If you say you posted a bunch of games for "between 20 minutes and an hour", I'll just average everything out to 40 minutes, but it's much better to have a sense of which games you played more and which ones you played less.


- If you only post game titles without any indication of how long you played each game, I will assume 5 minutes regardless of how long you may actually have played them. Surely you can play a game for far less - down to a single minute - and specifically mention that, and I'll use that number instead.

- If there's room for confusion or ambiguity, please address that in advance so I don't have to research it myself. Non-US releases, homebrews in progress, hacks, alternate titles, and expanded re-releases can get especially tricky.

One more thought:

If you haven't participated before, or if you did and got busy with other things, consider taking part in 2024! You may find that it has some interesting side effects -- many of us found that keeping a log dramatically changes how we think about our own gaming, and mostly for the better.


Past years for the Classic tracker: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023


Past years for the Modern tracker: 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

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Posted (edited)

Quite a few people expressed their wish to do it, as it lets them post everything in one place, and less confusion which system goes where. It also saves me a little time by only handling one set of statistics. I posted a question if there were strong objections, but never saw any.


Also lately the action in the modern tracker has subsided quite a bit, so the difference in number of minutes per week or even per game isn't that large as it was a few years ago, so the first 30 years of video games pretty well matches the last 20 years.

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Posted (edited)

Also, in case anyone wondered: my intention is to retain PC DOS, PC Windows 95/98 and PC Modern (in lack for a better word) apart. You can just write PC if those were games for newer systems, or DOS/Windows if you played older games. For arcade, I always check release year of each title to determine its age, and while merging the Excel sheets I added a column for classic or modern origin.


The 1000 Minute Club will remain for classic systems. The 50 Hour Club will be upgraded to the 5000 Minute Club, and likewise the 100 Hour Club will be upgraded to the 10000 Minute Club. The 300 Hour Club will cease to exist, since all those games will be among the top 20-30 anyway.

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ATARI 2600:

Alien - 100 minutes

Megamania - 46 minutes



Galaxian - 60 minutes


SEGA SG-1000:

Exerion - 5 minutes

Gulkave - 30 minutes

Space Armor - 125 minutes

Star Jacker - 15 minutes

Wonder Boy - 10 minutes


EVIDENCE OF THE WEEK: My full Space Armor gameplay footage for Sega SG-1000, played on Kega Fusion Emulator - Score: 99,999,990 (Max Score)


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Atari 8-bit:
Night Knight - 20 min.


TRS-80 MC-10:
Champions! - 18 min.
Tetris 4K - 6 min.


The A8 HSC 2023 is slowly ending, and I had one more at my favorite of the ABBUC 2023 games. Then I brought out my old Alice 4K (as opposed to the newer Alice 4K that I received as a Christmas gift) in order to play Champions! by Harry Whitehouse, which was converted from Dragon 32 by Jim Gerrie in the beginning of December. This is an early version of the football management game elsewhere known as The Boss or Soccer Boss, but it seems to have some issues as the league table never displays. Also I noticed that unlike the later C64 version, players never change skill so if you got high skilled players, they're in the team until they break a leg.

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Here are my times for this past week (January 1st through 7th, 2024) on... well... all systems:



Breywood - 17 min.


PC (modern):

Evony - The king's return - 48 min.


I continued to play "Breywood" this week until I managed to beat the 2nd level. Which is kinda hard, but over time I figured out some tricks like not taking all the speedups right away, but switching weapons and let each golem run over 1 speedup amulet.


Then I tried "Evony - The king's return", which is a PC download which you basically can play for free, There are just constantly game items for sale


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Using this handheld 500 in 1 hooked up to a tv


Super Mario Bros 9 - 15 mins

Space Invaders 10 mins

Galaga 10 mins (I think arcade)

Defender 2 -10 mins (I think arcade)

Atari 2600

Solar Fox 123 mins 


all good. 


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I have some things to report... hopefully the combined report doesn't break the site.



Got my Astro City Mini V. Input lag is not great but it isn't as bad as I feared. The Evercade is a lot better, though - I hope we get some of the other Toaplan games we don't have yet.


Rally Bike - 15 minutes


Such a brutal game over screen.


Same! Same! Same! - 10 minutes


Snow Bros - 85 minutes


V-V - 20 minutes


Zaxxon - 20 minutes



Atari 2600:

Alien Abduction - 30 minutes


Game Panic 3 - 15 minutes



Atari 7800:

Dragon's Cache - 25 minutes



Atari Lynx:

Warbirds - 60 minutes


Thought I was awesome until I realized I had damage turned off :| 


Atari VCS:

Atari 50: Atari Reimagined - Yars Revenge Enhanced - 20 minutes


I do not find this to be an enhancement in any way. It doesn't look good and it makes it a lot harder to see. I know people like this but I don't get it. The core of the game is an emulated 2600 version so it's not that it plays badly.

Battle Rockets - 20 minutes

This game seems broken. I beat the opponent and lost anyway.

Ultimate Ski Jumping - 65 minutes




Paku Paku - 25 minutes


Pretty ingenious one-dimensional Pac-game. Try it out! https://abagames.github.io/crisp-game-lib-11-games/?pakupaku


Suika Game - 75 minutes


Only watermelon this week.



Bandai Frisky Tom (VFD version) - 20 minutes


Such a great handheld. There are even cutscenes! Honestly I think this is the best version of the game.


Radio Shack Shaky Action Pinball - 10 minutes



Radio Shack Blast Off Pinball v2 (2003) - 15 minutes


Toy Options Star Trek Generations - 10 minutes


Kirk and Scott have the right attitude for this Elektronika-style Game & Watch knockoff. It's super rough but not unfun.


Nintendo 3DS:

Chicken Wiggle - 142 minutes


Played a bunch of user levels and downloaded 60. It will be sad to see them lost... Anyway, this level was a true gaming accomplishment and I am super proud I beat it.


Nintendo DS:

Cookie & Cream - 30 minutes


From the folks who brought you Demon's Souls... (maybe not exactly the same people)


Nintendo Game & Watch:

Multi Screen Series: Donkey Kong - 10 minutes



SuperColor Series: Spitball Sparky - 10 minutes



Nintendo Switch:

Black Bird - 10 minutes


This is a really disturbing, addictive game from Onion Games, which is kind of their thing.


Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - 70 minutes


It's not a bad game but it tries a little too hard.


Daily Dadish - 25 minutes


Goddamn some of these levels are brutal.


F-Zero 99 - 110 minutes

I am trying to get the winter themed stuff and people are voting against the frozen tracks. Aaarggh!


The Game Paradise Cruisin' Mix Special - 35 minutes


Ooooh burn! It's true, though.

A Little Golf Journey - 10 minutes

Tetris 99 - 10 minutes

Venba - 65 minutes


I often play games that leave me feeling this sad, but not as often games that leave me this hungry.


Sega 32X:

Spider-Man: Web of Fire - 25 minutes


Did you know that Spider-Man's secret weakness was high voltage power equipment? Wonder why Electro didn't pose more of a problem...


Sega CD:

Adventures of Willy Beamish - 35 minutes


Yow, that is a harsh game over.


Sega Game Gear:

F1 World Championship Edition - 15 minutes


Michael Schumacher is rolling in his grave. Or he would be if he were dead.


Sega Genesis:

Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt - 45 minutes


It's not a good game, but I enjoy it nonetheless.


Sega Master System:

Bubble Bobble - 30 minutes


Awesome version ruined by the fact your score disappears the second you die.


Sega Saturn:

The Game Tengoku - 40 minutes


Sega SG-1000:

Flicky - 20 minutes



Super Impulse Tiny Arcade:

Hello Kitty X Pac Man - 20 minutes



World's Smallest Atari 2600: Breakout - 10 minutes


Finally beat that "JGL" impostor.


World's Smallest Atari 2600: Tempest - 10 minutes


You win the game at 896 points 😕 


TinyCircuits Thumby:

3D_MAZE - 10 minutes


Burns's Charade - 5 minutes

Hollow Seeker - 10 minutes 



Micro Meows - 5 minutes




Dragon's Curse - 65 minutes


You know what more games need? Pirate pigs.


Turbografx CD:

Lords of Thunder - 35 minutes

I am not good at this game, no matter what platform.

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I’m trying to spend more time playing video games as part of a New Year’s resolution. I figure this might be interesting, as I love data analytics. I don’t have my game room setup, so most games will be played on a Nexus modified Legends FB. I hope to have the game room setup by spring break. Hopefully then I can get back to playing on real hardware.



RB College: 60 min - Working on Y9 now. Finally have a 4.5/5.0 OF/DF. It isn’t really that different from regular Retro Bowl, except that you lose players every 4 years. If you want to build up your OF/DF coordinators, a way to do it on the cheap is to extend their contract for 8-10 years when they are only a half star (costs 1 CR), rather than wait for their contract to expire.


Magnavox Odyssey 2 (LegendsFB)

Figured I should start with the first system I played as a child. Also thought it might be fun to dedicate each week to a single console playing the top 10 games, ending at week 52 around the 5th/6th generation. Spider-Man wasn’t bad, playing very similar to the 2600 version, albeit with more limited graphics. Need to put more time into this console, as I am sure there is some games worth playing.

Spider-Man  9 min

Turtles 6 min

Tutankhamen 6 min


Gameboy Color (LegendsFB)

Mario Golf 570 min - I’ve got to admit I abused the REV feature of the LegendsFB to beat this game. I completed the first 3 tournaments without cheating, but wanted to see the ending, so cheated on the last course (and Peaches Cloud course). I am still missing a few things, since I haven’t played a match game against Mario (not sure if you can play against the other Toadstool characters). 



I love the interface for the game. Makes sense that Camelot is responsible for this one and my favorite console golf game, Hot Shots Golf/Everyone’s Golf. You can get a pixelized view of the course, fly over, or zoom into the green. Uses the standard 3-click interface, with power shots, approach shots, spin, etc. I don’t think the putting is great, but I liked the EXP and RPG nature of the game (I just wished that was a little more fleshed out.)



Sega Game Gear (LegendsFB)

Was looking for something interesting to play on the GG. Will probably play the 3 Shining Force games on here, but don’t know the best order to play them in.

Buster Fight 7 min - Not a bad fighting game. Felt almost as responsive as Mortal Kombat for GG. Just need to get a moves list to figure out the game.

Captain America and the Avengers 8 min

Crystal Warriors 35 min - It’s no Shining Force, but I could see playing this game to completion.

GG Aleste 7 min

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On 1/8/2024 at 1:49 AM, CapitanClassic said:

Sega Game Gear (LegendsFB)

Was looking for something interesting to play on the GG. Will probably play the 3 Shining Force games on here, but don’t know the best order to play them in.

Buster Fight 7 min - Not a bad fighting game. Felt almost as responsive as Mortal Kombat for GG. Just need to get a moves list to figure out the game.

Captain America and the Avengers 8 min

Crystal Warriors 35 min - It’s no Shining Force, but I could see playing this game to completion.

GG Aleste 7 min

Crystal Warriors is pretty great. There's an even better sequel, Royal Stone, with a high quality translation patch as well. The Game Gear is a great RPG machine if you can play fan translations. If you like SRPGs I strongly recommend checking out Godzilla, it is a laff riot and a great game.


Probably the best way to play Shining Force GG is to play Shining Force CD (an upgraded port of Shining Force GG 1&2) and then play Final Conflict on the Game Gear. Note that the only GG installment that was officially released in the West was the second one, so it starts off halfway through the story... oh, Sega.


Buster Fight is a real gem. Among 8 bit 1:1 fighting games it is the cream of the crop. Just needs more playable fighters and more content.


Captain America is hilariously a better port than the SNES got.


Great selection off the bat! Let me know if you want any suggestions.

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Yesterday's (1/7) totals:



1) Pole Position - 5 minutes



1) Jr. Pac-Man - 10 minutes

2) Star Ship - 10 minutes



1) Super Woden GP II - 108 minutes

2) Mutant Football League - 20 minutes

3) Pac-Man Museum + - 100 minutes


Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

1) Mutant League Football - 10 minutes



1) NHL Hitz 20-03 - 15 minutes

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Week of 1/1/24 - 1/7/24

First time in the new tracker! I think this could be an improvement and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.


Commodore 64

Might and Magic - 430

Miner 2049er - 20


In the classic realm, I finally beat all 10 levels of Miner 2049er! Okay, I used save states between levels but at least I didn't use them in the middle of a level. Otherwise I'm still chugging along with Might and Magic. I calculated the % of each map that I've completed and figured out that I am only 51% done (and that isn't counting areas that I haven't even discovered yet!)



Duolingo - 49

Jumbline 2 - 52


No real modern gaming for me this week. Just my daily Duolingo (gotta practice my French to keep up with my daughter) and Jumbline 2 which is a Boggle type word game that is not good but my partner and I play it cooperatively at night before going to sleep.


Total time = 551 minutes

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Finally got to the end with Terranigma, a slight disappointment after a strong start. Then it was back to Axelay, and back, and again. After enough muscle memory training was done, completion was inevitable. 



Axelay - 205 min

Terranigma - 65 min

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13 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

I have some things to report... hopefully the combined report doesn't break the site.




Atari 2600:

Alien Abduction - 30 minutes



Hey - I noticed you did not post this for the VCS.  Is there a 2600 rom available?

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My times this week




Mike Tyson's Punch Out 169 

Tennis 217 




Spider-Man 459 


Xbox 360 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 426 

Castlevania SOTN 390 


I made a couple of posts about some of these in the completions threads:



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19 hours ago, jgkspsx said:


Since you're the King of Handhelds here in the tracker, currently I have two different categories for all handhelds except Nintendo Game & Watch:


Handheld/Tabletop which origins from the classic tracker

Dedicated Handheld which origins from the modern tracker


Do you think it is worthwhile to merge those? Basically I only need to sort out which ones are from before 1985 to determine if they go into pre-NES, otherwise it no longer matters.


And yes, like I wrote before I track release years on arcade games so all those will go into one category from now on (unlike PC.. yay for inconsistency), but then again Arcade already from day 1 was a bag of assorted candy.

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Just now, carlsson said:

Do you think it is worthwhile to merge those? Basically I only need to sort out which ones are from before 1985 to determine if they go into pre-NES, otherwise it no longer matters.

I hate to make work for you, but it seems okay to merge them. Certainly by 1985 the glory days of VFDs had finished and LCDs had taken over. Please let me know if you would like any help!

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A small week for gaming for me this first week of the new year, but I did manage to finish Alien Hominid on the GameCube and started in on my yearly playthrough of Alien: Isolation on the Switch. Still slowly working my way through Ocarina of Time on the side, but I know I'll finish it eventually :)


On a side note, a couple days ago I finally finished saving up and purchased an AYN Odin 2 Pro so soon I'll be able to play the entire GameCube and PlayStation 2 libraries to my heart's content, and upscaled to 1080p in both handheld mode and docked on the TV like a Nintendo Switch! It should take about two weeks to arrive in the mail, but expect to see quite a bit of GameCube time from me this year! 



Game Boy Color
Monopoly - 73 minutes


Alien Hominid - 63 minutes


Nintendo 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 144 minutes


Nintendo Switch
Alien Isolation - 55 minutes


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