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Are People Crazy on Ebay???


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13 hours ago, reifsnyderb said:

I really don't understand the high prices for 1200xl's.  While they had a limited production, there appear to be a lot of them still out there.

My guess: years and years and years of nobody really wanting them followed by an upsurge in interest (and pricing) once <insert blog / social media outlet / YouTuber, etc.> rediscovered their existence and told the world that they were rarer than rocking horse crap.


There's also the OMG IT'S ATARI'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY WOOOOOOO! effect.  That hasn't helped prices in general.

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14 hours ago, ACML said:

I think I can explain this one.  The members of the High Table at the Continental (John Wick fame) have decided to ditch the VIC-20 and C-64's to put out their contracts and have done a tech refresh to the Atari 65XE.  I could be wrong.  I believe method of payment is either $1,300 or one gold coin.



Lol..Yes, the use of the Vic20's just made me smile.. John Wick, great movie series..

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On 8/18/2022 at 8:53 PM, TGB1718 said:

Also the state of it, it's got "bum fluff" in the SIO port, other ports also have "stuff" in them

and it's filthy, if your gonna ask stupid prices at least clean your act up :)


Maybe I should put one of my "very rare" 130XE's for sale, could get more as mine are nice and clean 🤣


I think there was an 800 on here that looked like it had been pulled out of a swamp, not one effort to clean it up, and you guessed it, wanted a fortune..


Mind you, it looked like you needed to wear a Hazmat suit, just in case..But yeah, not bothering to clean it up is just ignorant and if the seller can't be bothered to clean it, then I can't be bothered to buy it..

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3 hours ago, TGB1718 said:

Certainly looks like it, never seen one like that before, but a bargain price cos it's "Very Rare" :)

Oh, that auction is being run by tifsasa-0, one of the other Egyptian sellers I was alluding to earlier.


Their prices are generally pretty reasonable, but for whatever reason (and agreed on the "Very Rare" equation possibly playing into it) that one is above what would likely be considered within range.

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45 minutes ago, griff3125 said:

Yes, people are absolutely bat$hit monkey nuts crazy on eBay, this is one of the looniest I've seen yet....only $174.99.....includes FREE SHIPPING, hope they pack it well! 🥸




Image 1 - Atari 2600 System Console Melted Art Piece Sculpture for Display dq

Well, it is listed as "for parts or not working" and the seller has the option to make an offer.  😁

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7 hours ago, Keatah said:

Not so much the crazy sellers. But, instead, the flunky buyers! Think people think! Rather pay 2000 on some old piece of hardware that will need repairs now and in the future? Or just get into fresh FPGA & Emulation?

Yeah... I complain about seller insanity all the time, but if people didn't pay their silly prices we probably wouldn't have to worry quite so much about it spilling over onto us.

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4 hours ago, x=usr(1536) said:

The logo is what makes chips go.

Here's another little-known secret. Between you and me.. The case stickers that come with CPUs and GPUs, those little square stickers.. They're called go-faster badges. Slap them on and the associated part runs faster.


Think of a race car - have you ever seen one win that wasn't covered in stickers?


I benchmarked them too.

If you print your own, you get 1-2% boost

If they are simple plastic vinyl-like, 3-4% boost

The plastic 90's bubble style, about 5%

The brushed metal finish ones, nearly 8%

Custom plated gold/silver, a whopping 10%!!


But whatever you do, don't cut them from magazine ads, that's ricer.

And very likely results in a performance decrease!

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2 hours ago, Ricky Spanish said:

See shipping zone 6 ? How the fook is Canada even lumped into the same category ? 🙄

Well, it's cheaper than the US, which is in zone 7 :)


But this:


but we replaced the keyboard

Your not even getting an original machine.


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