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Are People Crazy on Ebay???


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2 hours ago, deffroe said:

£150 for a bit of cardboard anyone???


Bit of Cardboard

We should all be proud, knowing even a plain vanilla-looking cardboard box can reach great heights of value when stamped with the mighty Atari 800 XL name.


Didn't someone on here have a 1200 XL with a cardboard case? I'm pretty sure Atari cardboard is going to be the next big thing. 3D printing, bahhh... cardboard with Atari words printed on it!


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Yeah, prices are nutty. I'm watching a couple now just crazy.
Oddly though.. years ago I had this weird urge to buy every copy of 'Maniac Mansion' a computer store was doing a $5.00 closeout on, in the 90s.

I bought one, thinking why the heck am I getting this impulse to buy all of them??

Now.. opened, used copies of it I have seen go for over $500.00 on eBay. Sealed copies are rare in the extreme and have seen them over $2K!!!!
Man, talk about kicking yourself. If I had 10 sealed copies, that's a downpayment on a house, LOL!

I still have one copy, but I think I'll pass it on to one of my kids.

Wasn't sure why it was worth so much until I looked into it.
It was the first Lucasarts games - that's one.
But mostly, it was the very first game to use an 'engine' with content layered on it. Like the standard now. So it makes it a piece of history in that regard.

I also ran into an Imsai8080 at a Thrift Store in the late 90s for $20. I had to agree with the wife, I had too much computer junk already.
Wish I wouldn't have listened to her or myself!

I must admit too - it would take a good bit of cash to pry my Atari1200XL out of my hands, lol.

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On 9/5/2023 at 8:37 PM, Overange said:

I do think eBay is a bit broken sometimes.

I also scan other Retro Listings and for Amiga Buy it now this just appeared 😕 


Can't help but the "obsolete" lady is hilarious. That Amiga power brick can't be very rare though. I heard they are quite prone to malfunctioning, so a working one must be even rarer.

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1 hour ago, bent_pin said:

The rest of that user's stuff is priced off-the-wall too.


Nope, I found these items, so you're WRONG! :D



UB40 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You 1993 UK 3-track 12" vinyl single B


The Muppet Christmas Carol (VHS/SUR, 2001)


Magazine Princess Diana


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2 hours ago, bent_pin said:

Still expensive but at least it's got some value added with a decent collection of games.

Have to admit, I don't know how much a 7800 is worth, once I got my 800 I stopped using consoles.

I thought the price was probably ok due to the amount of cart's, looking a Ebay here it seems 2600

games go on average for between £3 and £6 each depending on how many are bundled.

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I try to pay $0.75-$4 per game unless it's really special, $10-$30 for a 2600, $30-$60 for a 5200, $16-$60 for a 7800.

I'd pay no more than $185 for the lot you listed including the shipping, and I would think I didn't get the greatest deal of I did.

I have a 400 but I need to get an 800.

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