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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2022 Thread!


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Ok I stared at this box long enough! It came straight from AtariAge!




Complimentary southern snowballs!



A handful of AA stickers and promo material, plus...



Not one but TWO complete 2600 homebrew titles!!



I was a latecomer (again) this year and some awesome Santa out there got my info and obviously made speed a priority, because s/he acted fast and got this box delivered in no time!


Thank you!! 🎅

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11 hours ago, CaptainBreakout said:

Hazelnuts and chocolate are just the best.


My Santa made a me a custom cart that he programed.  I'm gonna cry.

Okay, here's my new favorite version of BLITZ!

I'm glad I asked for candy preferences. You said peanuts and chocolate, but we barely have any chocolate bars with peanuts over here except for international stuff like Snickers, but you surely have ate that enough already.


Regarding the collection of mini games, I am grateful to @Kamikazi26 who helped me put it on a cartridge. Thus it traveled from Canada to Sweden to the US in a matter of a few weeks. An explanation for Pac-Nic Santions is that you mentioned your bromance with Pac-Man in the introduction letter, which prompted me to come up with a game idea where Pac-Man and Santa can coexist. This is what I came up with in a day or two, based on a contemporary VIC-20 game called Panic Stations.


1 hour ago, SoulBlazer said:

I was your Secret Santa gain this year! :) I had you a few years ago.

Yes, I kind of already figured that out. Thanks again for the gifts. You'll be able to see in the classic respective modern trackers when and how much I'll be playing those games. Actually I'd invite as many as possible to check out the two weekly gameplay trackers. It is a little more hassle to keep track of times, even estimates, but it is kind of rewarding in the end too and we get really cool statistics at the end of the year.

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1 hour ago, bomberpunk said:

Ok I stared at this box long enough! It came straight from AtariAge!




Complimentary southern snowballs!



A handful of AA stickers and promo material, plus...



Not one but TWO complete 2600 homebrew titles!!



I was a latecomer (again) this year and some awesome Santa out there got my info and obviously made speed a priority, because s/he acted fast and got this box delivered in no time!


Thank you!! 🎅

Nice haul! Your secret Santa apparently knew what you wanted! ☺️ 

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Big thank yo to my secret Santa this year for all of the super nice swag!


The Ms Pac Man framed art is awesome and the pocket Galaga/Galaxian/Xevious was lots of fun.


The new old stock Wico cables are awesome to see  and the patches and stickers are amazing!


I honestly wanted the Sci Fi version of Dune as I own the other versions and Christopher Guest movies alike A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman are awesome!


The Atari carts are real fun to see as well a that great Tiny Toons 2 game, which I really wanted!


The Micro Machines PSX game was on my list of things to get one day as I love that British series so much!


However the little Elizabeth figure from Bioshock Infinite might be my favorite surprise in the package, I love that character and that figure is just adorable!


Thank you so much Secret Santa for your wild, imaginative and fun gift, it was so much fun opening all of those packages and being surprised!


Looking forward to it again next year!


Thank you Gamerchic and staff for all of the hard work you put in every year to help make everyone's Christmas extra special, it's super appreiciated!










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Oh man this was great. These cross stitched pictures will make absolutely perfect wall art. These are the best part of this gift. 



Everything about this was amazing. Including the candle that is not vanilla 🤣. Nice touch.


The wireless Sega Genesis controller will have plenty of use. I've been eyeballing these and others like it for some time now.


There are gummy bears and a 3 musketeers. My favorites!

There are also some cool puzzle piece 3d things. It's like a build your own thing. 


Zelda 2, The Adventures of Link and Startropics will be played later this week when I get a chance.



Omfg Zelda music! These are amazing and will be played the next time I'm in my car (with the only CD player I currently own and trust) oh wait I could probably play them in the Xbox. Hmm. Either way THANK YOU @HoshiChiri


Hot Wheels Batman car is legit too. There are also some 3d printed rupees and those are cool as heck. This totally perfect condition link's awakening is awesome. You really hit the spot with these gifts.



The Mrs. Thanks you as well for the PokeBall and Pikachu. Thank you for helping me out with the bonus points. It's how I keep her from getting mad at me for participating in an online gift exchange 🤣.

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49 minutes ago, Dopy25 said:

Oh man this was great.

Thank you! Things I didn't get to mention due to space & time constraints:


-the cross stitch patterns are from my collection of vintage pattern books- pacman is from 1981, Bob-omb is 1990 & technically part of a larger pattern. I didn't have big enough fabric so I just did one bomb & drafted the text myself.


-I bought the candle before assignments happened, as a stocking stuffer. It got a slight upgrade after I saw your note about always getting vanilla candles! 🤣


- the mini Pikachu is made of yellow fluorite, & the bath bomb has a Pikachu inside it, so mind the drain!


-I'm really hoping the CDs are to your taste! Both are technically metal, but Master Sword is heavy on the prog/symphonic end. And as one commenter online said, Gloryhammer walks a tightrope between Epic & Epically Stupid. They're one of my favorites, but definitely not for everyone!

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I continue to be absolutely spoiled by my Secret Santas, and this year is no exception.  I mean... I mean look at this.  LOOK AT THIS!




And no, it isn't just the box!  However, before you start judging anyone too extremely, you better read on. :)


First, I was again humbled just by the amount of effort put into the presentation:




A quick word about the candy.  Well, several quick words.  First, thank you!  Second, I love Andes Candies, but for some reason I don't have them very often.  In fact I might have mentioned this when HoshiChiri packed an Andes bar in my box last year.  If that's where my Secret Santa this year picked up the idea, then I must commend you for your attention to detail, and your memory!  If not, then rest assured I love what I got anyway!


Notice how the wrapped gifts are numbered!  It turns out I had some instructions to follow...




And follow them I did!  Gift #0 revealed...




...more candy!  Santa explained he thought he should wrap at least something more, and that's why this was gift "zero".  I can accept this explanation!


Gift #1 was described as something I could kick back and relax with...




It's not quite what it looks like.  Look closer... actually, here, let me help...




They're drink coasters!  I'm not sure I'll ever use them as such, but I love them just the same!


Now, little did I know I was going to be using my reference quarter a lot for these pictures...


Gifts #2 and #3 "look amazing", Santa says.  I'll be the judge of that.





Okay, yes, they look amazing!  27 9 8"x10" (give or take) color glossy pictures of some of the most iconic video game boxes of all time, expertly scanned and printed.  I'm just gonna hafta frame all these!


Gift #4 was a box of "useful items" Santa had made for me.  The description intrigued me...




...and what was inside delighted me!




(No, the games themselves weren't included.) :)


The next time I have reason to bring an Atari to a gaming convention, I'll just have to show these off!


Now, gift #5 is the one I showed already, the one that just... I mean... look at it!




Remember what I said about using that quarter a lot?  I love it. :-D


(As someone elsewhere pointed out, you probably could build a functioning Atari this size nowadays!  I think you'd have trouble fitting cartridges in the slot, though...)


And finally, gift #5 was spoiled outright: a box of cereal!




An odd gift to end on, to be sure.  Santa even admitted as much, though he was nice enough to throw in some of the home made Chex mix he made from the cereal.  He also mentioned he left the surprise inside...




(Miku had to inspect both the boxes and the wrapping as I tore into my gifts...)


Ho-leee cow!  I mentioned in my gift suggestions that I'm a Floyd fan, and really I am.  In fact, The Wall is my favorite album of theirs, and one of my favorites period!  So when I pulled this out of the box, my jaw really hit the floor.  This is amazing!  I really have no words, except thank you, and I cherish this, along with everything else!


So (another) big thanks to my Secret Santa, @imstarryeyed, and special thanks as well to @chicgamer and @CaptainBreakout for another great event.  I hope everyone had as good a time as I did!


I leave behind a couple of pictures of gifts my mother got me this year, just to further emphasize how much Floyd is a part of my life:




A Delicate Sound of Thunder t-shirt, very subtly Christmasfied.




And finally, Dark Side of the Moon jammies!

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A big thank you to my awesome Secret Santa!! The big heavy box came with a personalized note, which I dutifully read before digging in:


They included big bags of great candy and two My Arcade minis. I hadn't started this series yet, but these two games were great choices!




Next were some gift boxes with cute little clues about what was inside. A cute mailbox with N64 games!! Two of them were duplicates but both were significant label upgrades, so yay!!!



The next box had some TI-99 titles which was a cool surprise...




Then a big selection of 2600 games which knocked a big chunk off my wish list. Several of them

were picture labels for games where I only had the text version. Just so everyone knows, the Mystery Cart! was the first one popped in and it was River Raid! While I had this game, this "forced" me into playing the game for the first time in a while; great game!. I also spent a while with Skate Boarding, first time I had ever played it, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.




I think the most fun was diggin through the big pile of manuals, boxes and catalogs. So much stuff I needed for my collection, thank you Santa!



I had a great time opening this and look forward to updating my lists, playing games and updating my shelves and manual filing box. I still don't know who my secret Santa was, but thank you so very much!!!

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Santa turned up this morning with a parcel he said he found behind the seat of the sleigh.

I said "Merry Xmas, Santa, and Jingle all your bells!" to him.

He demanded a signature, handed me the parcel, then huffed off muttering dialogue from Die Hard... "ho ho ho now I have a something something" I think it was.

He was wearing yellow, didn't have a beard or a hat, and then drove off on an electric car.

Maybe it wasn't Santa.  I'm going to believe that it was.


What could this be?




I decided it was a red letter day, and went for that first.




Hmm, a piece of paper folder up in the card.  Unfolding revealved... an AtariAge store voucher (Picture not supplied! - Ho Ho Ho)


Time for the big parcel.  Stuff sliding around inside... had to give it the old shakeroonies!  Turns out shakeroonies rhymed with what it was!




I've been looking at picking this one up for a while, but never quite hit the purchase button.  How did Santa know?  He's magical, thats how.


Many thanks to my personal (not so secret) Santa and all the Santas for participating this year.  It's been a blast reading the thread and seeing the smiles this event brings.


I'll let you all know what homebrew I order from the store, and take pictures when our group has the game set up!  Thanks again!!


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