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I never did get into D&D "proper" (with other players), but i am big fan of gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy, Sagard The Barbarian, etc. and stuff like Tunnels and Trolls solo adventures.

I have played a couple different D&D solo modules, and was even tempted to get something like Mythic's "Game master Emulator", but i got too many other things to steal my time.

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50 minutes ago, emarquis1 said:

Those long distance bills were horrendous.

I remember some node runners asking for donations or even selling memberships.  ISTR buying credits to play Trade Wars 2000.

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For nearly two years, PayPal's option to mail a check was not working. There were quite a few complaints and seemingly no action being taken. I had no interest in providing my tax identification number and bank account to PayPal, so last year I set up a reminder activity to try it in 2023.  I logged into PayPal today and was informed I had $xxx.xx to accept and was asked how I wanted to receive the funds.  I was offered the usual options to deposit into an account or send a check.  I clicked the latter and to my surprise, I was asked to confirm my address.  PayPal seems to have fixed the issue, hopefully for good, and with a bit of luck the check will arrive as 'promised'.

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