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8-Bit Software: A Preservation Effort


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Utilities Diskette II (1982)(APX)(US)[disk] ; from Allan 4/11/20, please see attached

later was sold by Atari itself, as far as I know. We have years ago from Mr. Bacardi the German version of that very disk, too.
Sadly his site and the Wiki are under maintenance at the moment.



Thanks for the all the math stuff, highly appreciated! Thank you.


So, your VisiCalc serial no. is: D1105181 ;-)  Thank you sooo much for the pdf file, indeed, we did not have it yet.


So, the new pdf file list will be:

Compute Issue 076 1986 Sep.pdf
Dif Technical Specification.pdf
Enhancements for Atari SpeedCalc.pdf
Personal Software Visicalc.pdf
SpeedCalc for Atari.pdf
The Visicalc Book-Atari Edition.pdf
VisiCalc 1.74a (1980)(VisiCorp)(US)[disk] User Support Plan.pdf
Visicalc Advanced Version, Van Wolverton, ISBN 9780912213002 | Buch versandkostenfrei online kaufen - Lehmanns.de.pdf
VisiCalc auf dem Atari.pdf
VisiCalc DIF-Data Interchange Format.pdf
VisiCalc für Apple und Atari-deutsch.pdf
VisiCalc Home and Office Companion.pdf
VisiCalc Pocket Reference 1.pdf
VisiCalc Pocket Reference 2.pdf
VisiCalc und Ihr Apple Computer.pdf
VisiCalc und Ihr Atari Computer.pdf
VisiCalc User's Guide for the Atari 800 32K_.pdf
VisiCalc User's Guide for the Atari 800 32K.pdf
VisiCalc-User's Guide for the ATARI 800 32K (1981).pdf


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Data Perfect v1.2 (1982)(LJK Enterprises)(US)(SCP BAD)[f][disk]


The disk was damaged.  I took 4 recordings of both sides in case someone can do something with them. DjayBee repaired them into working ATX's and ATR's, thank you!


Data Perfect v1.2 (1982)(LJKEnterprises)(US)[f][Disk].zip

Data Perfect v1.2 (1982)(LJK Enterprises)(US)(SCP BAD, NO ATX)[disk] Manual.pdf








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LJK DataPerfect disk

with a spot that damaged you have to slowly flatten it out with warm and cool cylces over time and then clean it, you are lucky not to have damaged the drive running that disk through it, the high spot may have shed too much material from the multiple attempts that have already been made now. A super careful attempt might succeed but the chances are diminished.

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SoftSide Issue #38 (1983)(SoftSide Publications)(US)(Non-Original)[disk] - No Dos, Boot Atari Dos 2.5 first, RUN"D:COVER"


The disk is non-original, but the instructions are from the original.


SoftSide Issue #38 (1983)(SoftSide Publications)(US)(Non-Original)[disk].zip

SoftSide Issue #38 (1983)(SoftSide Publications)(US)(Non-Original)[disk] Instructions.pdf


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SoftSide Issue #39 (1983)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk] - No Dos, Boot Atari Dos 2.5 first, RUN"D:COVER". RUN"D:ADV39.BAS" on side B.


Has a stable CRC error on Side A. I could not see it on the surface nor could I get rid of it.


SoftSide Issue #39 (1983)(SoftSide Publications)(US)[disk].zip





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