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Ben from Plaion

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6 hours ago, Ben from Plaion said:

All you need to do to enter is post in this thread answering one question.... Tell me what game you'd like to see released by Atari in the future for the 2600+, an old re-issue, a homebrew, an enhanced re-issue, a brand new game, a downport, whatever.


This is really simple, Indy 500 :)

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The most exciting aspect of the 2600+ for me is the 7800 compatibility.  To have both in one machine, especially when I don't have a 7800 is its biggest selling point, so my list of suggestions is very 7800 biased.



Alien Abduction - The John Van Ryzin game needs a physical release

Yars' Revenge sequel - I've heard Howard Scott Warshaw has an idea for a sequel.  Obviously it would be awesome if that got made


2600/7800 - Let's give Panama Pete from Montezuma's Revenge the Sydney Hunter treatment and have a bunch of treasure hunting, platforming sequels to my favourite 2600 game.


7800 - 

Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest - It would be so good to have this in official Atari packaging with artwork more closely resembling the iconic Crystal Castles style.

Rikki & Vikki - too few of us got to play this on cart.  It's a homebrew so rights can't be too difficult or expensive, surely.

Kangaroo - the 2600 version is way too graphically basic.  
Arabian - never had an official port as far as I know.  I'd love one.

Blue Max - an improved version of this?  Yes please!

Space Dungeon - aaaand

Dreadnaught Factor - 2 shooters that got 5200 releases.  Imagine even better 7800 versions.  I'm getting palpitations of excitement just thinking about it.


General Havoc 

Sinistar - I'm a sucker for shooters.  You can never have too many.

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Pitfall III 


Getting David Crane to come back and make another sequel would be a major event in gaming. I predict that it would be the first million selling game for Atari 2600 since it was in production given that many will want to own just for the collectors value of it. 


Circus Convoy also showed that David still has the chops to make a great Atari game with it being one of the best designed 2600 games I've ever played. 


Activision may even offer their blessing as a token of goodwill to the gaming community given that it would generate lots of positive press for the company. 


Here's hoping for the impossible! 

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7800 Rikki and Vikki general release. We know it's possible and the developer is just waiting to get contacted to see what it would take!

  The custom sound chip has already been developed as software for the steam and windows downloads.


Space Dungeon for the 2600. Robotwars shows that it can be done but the 2600+ would need to play melody games.

  An update to the Melody firmware that allows more easy dumping of the appropriate bits.


Track Ball. I've seen it already works well in joystick mode but a new trackball that has trackball mode and the 2600+ able to use trackball mode.

  Pack in a multicast of Millipede, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Marble Madness(Licensing issues).

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Pretty much anything made by Vladimir Zuñiga (vhzc) for the 2600/7800:

  • A Roach In Space (2600)
  • A Roach In Space II: Cosmic Bugaloo (7800)
  • Game of the Bear (2600)
  • Game of the Bear 2 Much To Bear (2600)
  • Knight Guy - In Another Castle (7800)
  • Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days (2600 & 7800)
  • Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (2600)
  • Ninjish Guy Perilous Island (7800)
  • Oh No! More Peril (2600)
  • Oozy the Goo - Gaiden (7800)
  • Oozy the Goo Maze Quest (2600)
  • Peril (2600)
  • Slide Boy in Maze Land (2600 & 7800)

- James

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I hope it's OK for me to post a couple of them:


Atari 2600:

- Grand Prix : I would love to see an "enhanced" version of this game. I played this all the time growing up.

- Solaris : I would also love to see an "enhanced" version of this game. It was the most amazing game as a kid.


Atari 7800:

- Choplifter : OMG, it was such a good game... would LOVE to see an enhanced version of this.



Finally, as an FYI, if I win the Top Prize, I plan to sell the entire thing on eBay and donate all of it to World Vision. But if I win anything else at all, I'm keeping it!

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How about an Atari 2600+ version of Bomberman using the Quadtari


I also love the suggestions for Food Fight, an updated Grand Prix and Tempest


I think some classic GameBoy ports would be good also like Revenge of the Gator, Penguin Wars and Solar Striker

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Atari 2600(+): New game (or possibly downport if I understand the word correctly:


Scrapyard Dog 2600.

Contact the homebrewers behind Zippy the Porcupine (and possibly also Mario Bros Demo, and consult [also] the people who did Mappy 2600. Get them to use the basics of these programs as templates for sections in a Scrapyard Dog 2600 version. 
Eventually just mod. Zippy to have Louie or Scraps as selectable characters, then put up new level-lay-outs, and a new game is born)

This will make people better aquainted with Scrapyard Dog, and play it more on 50th, while it will (re-)use important top-notch coding for the 2600 (which shouldn’t just disappear into the aether). That is: it will ‘bind together’ franchise-stuff found on Ataris greatest release the last 10 years or so, while also holding on to many hours of top-notch coding done for 2600 (if the homebrewers are on), so it will make the 2600+ feel more like adding to the ‘later franchise threads’ (1990ies) found in 50th.Anniversary.

It may also provide good opportunity to hold onto and pursue more classic 2D platforming, which is an important genre in retro-game circles, and which many feels were lacking back then.


Another possibility - if one wants to bind franchises together, would be to contact those behind Zippy, buy or cooperate on source-code material, change it, do other level-layouts and make a 


Bubsy 2600

- - -


Atari 7800: new game ‘Adventure III’


Ramp up everything that made it a genre-defining game for the 2600, and use concepts and expand-upon the brillant art-style in Adventure II for the 5200.

Let it thrive on the initial original praise, that it felt ‘medieval’ and like a classic adventure-quest … 

- - - - -

Of course, both these suggestions may take some work. (unless, in agreement, one takes Zippy - makes new level layouts and adds a couple of new main characters, and redraws enemy grafx etc, ie changes the graphics but uses whats already found in S.D.7800 and Lynx)



- - -



If I had to choose from existing games:


- Sirius 7800 with Pokey music (composed by whomever did the music for Berzerk Recharged) and ending


- Mappy for 2600



Edited by Giles N
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1 hour ago, cvga said:

Just thought of another pair of games I'd like to see...Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge. Great games!

Such a game on the 7800🤗

Well, the license...

There are many great 7800 homebrews which already exist but the emulation needs to support them and again the license...

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This is a really hard question.  There are games I enjoy, homebrews that deserve legitimization, ports that don't exist elsewhere, and titles that I think would be commercially successful.  I can't just break it down to a single game so I'm going to cheat and list one per platform.


2600: Juno First


I know the 2600 has loads of great shooters already, but Juno First is a fantastic game that deserves more ports.  (The last official one was released in 1984!)  The 2600 version is well-made, showcases the hardware, and is no longer sold on AtariAge.  That and I think Konami would be more open to the idea given all of their compilation releases as of late.  (And a relationship with Konami could also mean access to games like Scramble, Frogger, and Super Cobra.)


7800: Rikki & Vikki


There are so many great homebrews for the 7800, but I chose Rikki & Vikki because a) I think it'll be successful and b) it's more feasible.  It's a wonderful platformer that showcases the hardware in a way that few official releases did.  It's also no longer sold via cartridge.


And I'm going to cheat some more and tell you which 3rd party I'd like Atari to partner with / license games from.


Business: Bandai Namco


A business agreement with Namco would mean being able to legitimize and sell games like Galagon, Draconian, and Super Pac-Man.  You might even be able to broker a deal between AtGames and Namco so you can sell other Pac-Man titles like Pac-Man: 40th Anniversary Collection, Jr. Pac-Man, and Baby Pac-Man.  I'm sure Digital Eclipse could put together a great Pac-Man collection too!  (Certainly one with better input latency than Pac-Man Museum+, anyway. :p)

Edited by KainXavier
Reworded the first and last paragraphs slightly.
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I always wanted to see Archon for the 2600. 7800 would be nice as well, but I want to see want can be done on the 2600. 

I also think it may be possible to see M.U.L.E. 

cybermorph type game on the 7800. 

Some sort of toys to life games for the Atari 7800. Use Atari properties like Bentley bear, centipede, a yar, the dot from adventure, etc and …. a big ask here… Nolan Bushnell as a character as well. 🤔

one can dream eh?

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