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Ben from Plaion

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2600+ I'd have to pick "this planet sucks" by Greg Troutman. Was the first homebrew I played over 20 gulp! years ago! And that will always make it special to me.

oh wait.. I can get that on the AA store! lol

I guess I'd have to pick the impossible then, I challenge you to bring princess rescue to the 2600+! Or Zippy the Porcupine in it's 64K glory!

7800 I'll love to see Rogue with sega genesis 6 button pad support and high score save. Or how about Halo 7800! The Chief needs a new mission!

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Selfishly, Haunted Adventure Trilogy...


There was a working concept of 2600 Ballblazer. IMHO that would be great.


License the awesome 8k Pacman!


Make a 2600 Marble Madness!


Get the Star Raiders controller pad working!


I really like Adventure and Haunted House. I know there are many sequels already, but an Adventure+ or Haunted House+ based on the originals could still be done, like the enhanced Yars' Revenge in the Atari 50 Celebration.

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I'd love to see an enhanced version of Alien Brigade for the 7800. It's an Atari Corp. title anyway, so there you go. It just would be great if it had additional Pokey sound.


On a side note, if you ever think of an "up-port" (well, it doesn't work this way, I know, but you might get the idea 😉 ), this title would also be great. If you're really feeling crazy, please, please make it a new Jaguar game - large sprites, some polygons in the background, nice arcade action - that would be truly amazing for the couple of Jaguar fans that still are out here.

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All you need to do to enter is post in this thread answering one question.... Tell me what game you'd like to see released by Atari in the future for the 2600+, an old re-issue, a homebrew, an enhanced re-issue, a brand new game, a downport, whatever.  


Atari 2600: Golf and Bowling

Atari 7800: Mean 18

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I'd like to see Atari release updated versions of the original launch titles.  They should be updated a bit for modern console capabilities (no more 4K limit), but also have the ability to be reverted to the original game, so people can compare new and old.


Pong with some taunting voice tracks might be interesting.

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2 hours ago, MetalRedStar said:

even the long awaited (back in the day) Galagon. 

You can get Galagon homebrew on the Champ Games website.  They have both the ROM & the cart.  Thing is, the cart won't work on the 2600+.  But it'll work fine on the original console.

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