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  1. I Think Sega should get back in the console wars. I think they are getting away from what they originally were. A game company who made Kick Ass games and told people who didn't like it "Up Yours!" So i have an idea on hey they can do this.


    Part 1: Money


    I think they should make a near low end cost for a game console, But not go skimpy one the Graphics. They Will need Blast Processing like in the 90s. So it should be released for around $200 - $250 for the basic package, It would have the starting price near the Wii U.


    Part 2: Advertising


    Everybody hates add on TV. Well I thing Ads for this console should be directed to the Teen Ages 12 and up. Like they did in the old days, This idea makes the older kids get SEGAs which if the older kid has a younger brother that looks up and trys to mimic their older bro to want one also.


    Part 3: Specification


    These specification are compared for the Wii U.

    The Wii U has a 1.24GHz IBM PowerPC 750 Tri- Core Processor. Which is semi fas for gaming. Also the Wii U has a AMD Radion HD grapics and 2 GB of RAM.


    These are the specifications i think the new Sega would Need,

    Processor: At least a 2 GHz Processor

    Graphics: Same as Wii U

    RAM: 2-4 GB of RAM for speed and for a smooth gameplay.

    Memory: at least a 150 GB HDD


    Part 4: Models


    Sega should release some different models of the game console.


    Basic: Everything with a 100 GB HDD

    Adv: Everything with a 250 GB HDD

    Elite: Everything with a 350 GB HDD


    Part 5: The Most important thing... Games


    I Think SEGA should be backwards compatible with the Dreamcast.. But thats just me.


    SEGA should have a type of Virtual Console where you can download SMS, Genesis + Addons,Saturn and DC games. Also SEGA should make its titles (example.. Sonic, Shinobi, Total War, ETC...) Available only to the Sega console. Also make older Japan only games available on it. Also invite games like Madden, Call of Duty, and Battlefield to be ported to it. Also Bring some kids games.


    Part 6: Naming and Looks


    They say looks aren't everything. Well F that. The New Console should look like it is something from outer space like the SMS and Genesis. Also It needs to have a cool name like the Dreamcast or Genesis, but not like a Dreamcast 2 or Genesis 2, It needs its own Unique Name.


    Part 7: Rumors.


    A lot of times i have been searching into the Vast space of information called the Internet to find leaked information on Sega and I end up on a bogus page about a new Sega Console with a made up release date,

    Here are a few:








    They are everywhere Google "New Sega Console.


    Part 8: Why?


    Sega dosen't realize that there is a huge fanbase dreaming of a NEW Sega console. Lots of us retro SEGA Gamers which they can bring back their views on the video game marketplace. If SEGA would release a new console allot of us would buy it because we are loyal or just plain out LOVE Sega stuff like I do. Allot of people will look at me and tell me your 17 you have no idea what your talking about. I know that I've gotten that statement allot. But hear me out this would be the best thing ever, and I believe it will spice things up in the 8th Gen Console War.


    Part 9: ....


    Want your opinions on this topic. I love the criticism I get on topics. This needs to be Debated out for people to read and then when we get a final draft it needs to be sent to SEGA!! Maybe together we can help persuade them to make one. I don't have my doubts that they are making a Prototype as we debate. But its been 13 Years since a new home Sega console was released and Honestly I'm tired of Sony this, Microsoft That. So Lets Get Started On This Topic!!!!

  2. Welcome to my Pix Picks blog

    Here's my current Picks

    Bubsy CEOTFK for Gen with Gen M2


    kbKTm.jpgThats pretty much it

  3. Out of the four VCS consoles I have here, two were repaired today. My Sears heavy sixer has had quite a few problems since I got it, but it looks immaculate on the outside. The current repairs are gonna be the reset switch and replacing the RIOT chip with parts from a Woody that has a badly done video mod.

    I fixed a light sixer whose power switch was failing. All I had to do was disassemble the power switch and flex the contacts. I did that to the TV Type switch (losing a contact in the process, but it still works) and the difficulty switches. I also repaired a Vader with a similar issue on the difficulty switches. I reflowed all the affects switches and tested both systems.

    I still have to repair the light sixer's power supply. Once I do that and take what I want from the Vader, I'll use the Woody as a parts console to fix the Vader and my Sears heavy sixer. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope I've seen the last of the problems from the heavy sixer. Both joysticks are sticking a bit and need some white lithium grease around the base. The paddles need new labels made and they need repair because of jitter. I do have a set of Atari branded paddles that look and play great. The driving controllers, which were a major selling point for me on this console, are Sears branded and in excellent shape.


    Also on the repair list is a Game Boy Classic. I have two with various types of damage to them, so I'm going to do a combining project.


    I'm not entirely sure why the Woody's picture rolls. I'm not going to worry about it as I get great video quality with the standard RF out, proper cables, and an RCA to coax plug.


    I didn't find any Atari stuff when I went on the hunt, but I did find a slew of PS1 and PS2 demo discs. I also found a PS2 DVD player disc to go with the old Sony remote I have. I was halfway looking for Game Boy Player discs but I came up empty on that as well.

  4. So, I've decided to begin getting into pixel artistry as a hobby. I already managed to hit a roadblock in the fact I have numerous platforms and programs for those platforms to select from. So far my choices are:


    AtariSTE - NEOChrome Master, Deluxe Paint, CyberPaint


    Amiga 1200 - Deluxe Paint (probably 4 or 5), Brilliance, Photo Paint


    DOS - Disney Animation Studio (own a boxed copy I got cheap off eBay), Deluxe Paint 2/DPaint Animation


    Given that a lot of my art (as I get to it, some of the platforms mentioned need some restoration work and a way to transfer to/from the PC), I plan on having no more than 64 colors and keep the starting resolution at 320x200 or 320x240. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions offered.

  5. I decided to separate out coding of the single screen over-world engine like I did for debugging purposes awhile ago. Which, er, means that the over-world map will not scroll to be more authentic to Gnuberubs Sojourns spiritual source. The shooter sections will still scroll vertically.


    One thought was to make a mini project out of the shooter engine portion. Thus a quick arcade style game could be made to satisfy those who want homebrew now. All the code could be re-integrated back into Gnuberubs Sojourn for the shooter sections.


    Converting music to the format I need continues to frustrate me. I'd love to go MIDI -> MOD -> Genesis music engine format but it's not working. OpenMPT will convert MIDI to IT (Impulse Tracker) but practically corrupts the music when then converting to MOD. MOD files are the only format my music engine can import.


    Increasingly I'm thinking about why I make games and the difference between "developers" and "game makers". There is a big difference, I think. It's something I must sort out.

  6. Out of respect for the AA Community at large I did not start a thread in Classic Gaming, instead I am asking through my much less intrusive blog.


    Starting tonight I am working 7 12 hour nights straight. I was hoping you guys could recommend a game or two to keep me interested for 7 nights.


    Obviously I don't have consoles here at work but I do have my laptop set up with several emulators: NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis, 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, WonderSwan, and Aquarius.


    Hoping you guys see this post and can throw some ideas my way.

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    I have an Atari Sh204 For Sale For $50

  7. I can't believe it's been over a year since I last touched visualbB. I haven't abandoned the project, was just waiting for batari to release the final DPC+ kernel before making any futher changes. Since Oct 2011 I've only made a couple of tweaks.


    1. Support for the titlescreen kernel 1.1

    There was a bug reported here when using the wizard with the 1.1 kernel and the DPC+ kernel. In the original titlescreen 1.0 you needed to declare a constant scorepointers = player1x. The code generator was still doing this even though the 1.1 kernel now includes dpcfix.asm. The latest work in progress will detect the version of the titlescreen kernel and generate the appropriate code. [TO DO] I still want update the wizard to support the 5th sample which now includes the ability to use playersprites. That will have to wait until I have more free time...


    2. Support for converting Playfields to data statements

    Random Terrain (who inspires about all my improvements to vbb) asked if I could make it simple to convert playfields into a data statement. For example, let's say you have a playfield that looks like this..




    From the project explorer you can now right click and select "Convert to data file" and the following will be created.


    data maze


    Note this won't actually save you space as it takes up the same about of space the playfield does,but I am told it is much easier to use when placing random pieces of a playfield. The scrolling trick by theloon will no longer have to be used. You can instantly make direct changes to the appropriate playfield variables. I'll let RT explain...


    Here are the latest files.






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    11. TAC-2 Joystick Atari 2600

    12. Any Final Fantasies for Game Boy Advance

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    blog-0554384001351780612.jpgDecided to blog my progress in creating a game for the Atari 2600.


    This thread launched this project: http://www.atariage....new-dk-for-vcs/


    Asked for a new DK for the VCS, I had done some mock-up screens with the latest batari Basic and posted them.



    The game, now called DK Arcade 2600, has all 4 levels, with the adding of Level 3 elevator screen.

    Might release a playable demo soon!



    Byte Knight starts coding game logic with my art and sounds, basically starting fresh.

    In two weeks Level 4 has exceeded what I had coded by miles.

    Working score, hammers, climbing fireballs are all working.



    Most recent binary: Jumpman1234_20130217.bas.bin



    Blog name changed to: "DkbBDPC+ 2600 Jumpman" to be more obscure.

    My idea of PUSHing playfield data to the screen along with routines from bogax and SeaGtGruff have resulted in the opening "horizontal girders to sloping girders" not going over cycle, and therefore rock steady on real CRT televisions! Thanks everyone!

    Also work done in compressing data has resulted in compression of the data for the Rivet Level 4. Big ROM savings!

    Kong sprite changed to frowning, then the toothy grin with three "growls" made from only changing audio volume - (I have always wanted to use that effect.)

    The "How High" screen now has custom score to show 25m 50m etc. (probably only ever one monkey though). Also now drops into the game after the How High tune (before it looped until fire button).

    Unsuccessful in attempts to flicker playfields in more than one level (runs out of ROM). Ideally Level 1 would have red girders and blue ladders like Level 3 (the elevators). Four playfields do fit, but then there is no room for sprites and color data.

    Sorry, no binary as Level 1 needs reverted due to unsuccessful attempts at "Playfield Flipping."

    Latest binary is Level 4 (Rivet Level) found in this post (with source code): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216037-dkbbdpc-source-code-learn-help-needed/


    Latest progress: 01-24-2013

    Nobody thought to mention the rivet screen girders were off? (I didn't realize either!)






    .I will probably go with this titlescreen, it uses less ROM.




    . Started putting all levels in one ROM

    . Changed 1st level to one Playfield (all red, no flicker) so all 4 levels can fit.

    . Lots of bugs and sloppy code. Levels 1, 2 & 3 in ROM.

    . No gameplay logic programmed yet. Get to top to see next bank http://www.atariage.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/icon_smile.gif

    . On real hardware Level 2 bank crashes back into Start ?? On emulation you can move to the top to see Level 3.

    . Note: Making anything playable is indeed a challenge. Ideas can make you run out of bytes very fast!

    . Note: If I can get this far in batari Basic, in full assembly with an EEPROM chip like Chetiry uses, there would be space for many original levels and music. It remains to be seen how far I can get with run, jump and climb with the space remaining in Basic (and then there are bonus items and hammers I haven't even begun to think about)





    . Fixed girder graphics level end of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & end of 6 - they were inverted

    . Saved hundreds of bytes graphic data by-

    defining only one Player0 colors for many Jumpman animations

    Using only 2 values for the 2 playfields' color instead of repeating the same color value for each line (358 bytes)

    . Lady appears when at top of level 6

    . Ladder detection started (proof it will work), can only climb when at ladder

    X Sprite incorrect when ladder detected, but not climbing

    X Ony jumps when moving or facing right, jump left broken





    . Made a barrel sprite roll down the girders from top left to bottom left.

    . Princess version 2.0




    . Artwork for blue girder level.

    . Fireball





    .Level 2 - Pie?


    JumpmanOra20121106.bas.bin - OLD

    Tiny changes

    new: JumpmanOra20121109.bas.bin



    Another pretty picture coded:




    Latest progress:


    I was dreading doing the elevator screen. I was thinking it couldn't be done -- that it was too much and should maybe just be skipped.

    Then I had an idea how to make the elevators work well.

    The layout went very quickly.

    The sprite copy lined up perfectly! I was amazed, after having to make a 1 color clock compromise on the pie level moving ladders.

    More thouhghts below.


    NEW: JumpmanELe20121108.bas.bin

    OLD: JumpmanELe20121108.bas.bin


    .Good news: Levels 2 & 4 ( orange and blue girders ) do not flicker the playfield. Levels 1 & 3 flicker.

    Sprites 1-9 will always flicker when aligned horizontally.


    .Four levels (6 playfields) will not fit in the graphics bank.

    Playfield data can go in another bank, but using it is not so easy. Shouldn't I be able to pass a low / high pointer to this data instead of plotting pfpixel a whole playfield?

    Melody board can be built with extra RAM / ROM to hold this data, but batari Basic will have to be changed to allow compiling into a larger graphics bank. Help!!!!


    .Sound is already done for the TIA if you want to use that horrible noise from the 7800 version (groan)...

  8. Hey everyone,


    I have taken a recent interest in LCD games, especially Nintendo's, and I have found some cool sites with great games.


    http://www.pica-pic.com/ is a really cool site that has dozens of various perfectly emulated games, ranging from Game & Watches,

    to bizarre Japan only games, and also some Soviet versions of Nintendo's Game & Watches. The layout is really simple, all the games have customizable controls and even leader boards! Currently, the owner is creating a flawless version of Donkey Kong II, so please help donate!




    http://www.handheld.remakes.org/ is another cool site. The playable games are mostly remakes of Game & Watches or ok ports, but there are lots of games you can pick from. The version of Mario Bros. on the site is excellent!




    I hope you guys enjoy these sites. Game & Watches and LCD games in general are fun little time-wasters that can be just as fun as regular 80s arcade games. I already bought Donkey Kong Jr. from eBay!



    -Happy gaming

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    Debating on hooking up and starting a live stream tonight after my shift is over (around 10-11).


    Mostly Xbox-360, I'll play classics too. I'm a pretty outgoing person too, but I have the mouth of a sailor sometimes.


    Feel free to leave input :].

  9. Oh Atari, it’s been nearly four years since my last blog. Forgive my transgressions and lack of game play. But I’m back! And without further adieu…


    Private Eye! Back in the day I got this Activision game. I think I got it pretty much brand new. So that means I probably paid around $30.00 for it. My guess is that I bought it sometime in 1984. And it turned out to be a pretty cool game. For those familiar with it, you play the role of a detective. Your job is to travel in your car from screen to screen, find stolen objects, and return them back to their rightful locations. There are five different games (cases) in Private Eye. Each one is progressively harder – more objects and more screens. Each case also has a timer. The easiest case has a three-minute limit. The most difficult case has a limit of 20 minutes.


    Back in the day I was able to beat the first four cases. But the fifth and final case eluded me. What made it so hard? It was the 20-minute time limit. Keep in mind the number of boards (about 180 different ones or so) also made traveling more time consuming. There are several stolen objects scattered around, as well as the master thief Henri LeFiend himself. There is simply no margin for error. For this Case punishes you. If you get hit by a dagger while you’re carrying an object, you lose that object. And it gets sent back to the board where you first got it. Going back to retrieve it will cost you precious time. And in a game where virtually every second counts, there’s simply no time to go back. If you lose an object, you may as well hit the reset button.


    I ended up making a map. It was crude. But it was also effective. I marked where all the objects were, where the different alley passageways were and so forth. I had a pretty good plan of attack. But for whatever reason, I was never able to finish. I always ran out of time. If memory serves, I was once very close. Another 30 seconds or so would have done it. But alas, it was not to be. I’m not sure how many times I tried. But eventually I gave up. Case 5 had defeated me.


    Fast forward to 2012. I finally had my Atari hooked up, after having it disconnected for over three years. The urge to play was strong again. My initial thoughts were to complete the Swordquest games by tackling Fireworld and Waterworld. (See my earlier blog entry.) But then I thought about Private Eye as well. Call me a completist. Or call me insane. Who knows why, but the fact that I had not beaten Case 5 had bugged me for nearly 30 years. Now don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t losing any sleep or suffering from any long term depression because of it. But for whatever reason I have an uncanny memory for remembering things. And my inability to conquer Case 5 had lingered in my mind all these years.


    Well no more!


    I did what any insane Atari player would do. I posted in the Atariage.com forum, asking if anyone had ever beaten Case 5 – and whether or not any maps or walkthroughs existed. And sure enough, the latter held true. Someone sent me a link to a video game review website that indeed had all of the maps, as well as a strategy laid out for completing Case 5. But lo and behold! The guy on the website (a regular Atariage.com member actually) had not been able to complete Case 5 either! He had been able to do the other four. But Case 5 eluded him as well. I was not alone! In fact, no one else had responded to my post indicating that they had beaten Case 5 either. Had anyone ever beaten it? Could it even be done?


    Sure it could. And I was just the guy to do it. As far as I knew, no one in the world had ever beaten Case 5. I would be the first! Granted, the odds of me being the only person in the world to beat it were probably slim to none. But this is my fantasy world. And without proof to the contrary, I’ll believe what I want!


    So I put the game in and played Case 1 – just to familiarize myself with the controls and various nuances of it. It took me three attempts. But I was able to beat it without the use of a map. As far as I was concerned, I was now ready. The next day I printed up the maps. The day after that, I was ready to tackle Case 5.


    By this time the map maker had chimed in with a few tips. His biggest one – find a trusty companion to be the navigator. In other words, have someone read off what I needed to do, as I was doing it. I made one trial run just for practice. The layout and plan of attack seemed sound. But even with a navigator it seemed like a daunting task. Trying to look at the map (which covered three pages) and trying to find the corresponding alley locations was too time consuming. It was clear that there was no way I was going to accomplish this task without making it even easier. So I came up with a new plan. I simply wrote down exactly what I needed to do. “Go left 13 boards to gun store.” “Go right 22 boards to alley.” A mere 61 steps to accomplish and I would be a winner. All in all, I would have to enter 461 screens. That’s 2.6 seconds per screen. It’s doable. But there’s little margin for error. If I get stuck trying to jump a barrier, or if I allow too many flower pots to fall on my car, I’m sunk. And forget about trying to recover any lost item to a dagger. If that happens, it’s reset button time.


    So with my navigator by my side, I began my journey to catch Henri LeFiend and lock him up behind bars. About seven minutes into it, a dagger got me. Attempt #2 – I had just reached the halfway point (number of screens-wise) with about 10:28 time remaining. I was making good time. And then a dagger got me. Attempt #3 – I got all the objects back and had retrieved LeFiend. I had about 90 seconds left and 40 screens to traverse. And then a dagger got me. (Sigh) Attempt #4 – Like my previous attempt, I had gotten LeFiend and was well on my way back. I was making even better time. I had about 105 seconds left. And then on the very same board as the last game, another dagger got me. Ugh! I was about to call it a night. But undaunted I decided to make one final attempt before bed. Two and a half minutes later, a dagger caused me to shut down the Atari for the night.


    So the next night was September 26th. Seeing as that is my birthday, what better way to spend it then by beating a game nearly 30 years later? So I sat down on a beanbag and prepared myself for the task. I pressed reset and was on my way – my trusty navigator at my side. I managed to avoid all the daggers. But I also managed to overshoot an alley by two boards – forcing me to double back. I also had some difficulties with a few barriers. In the end I managed to get LeFiend, and was on the final stretch – only 28 screens to the right, and I’d be there. And then my time expired – four screens shy of my goal. Really? Really??? Yes really. All I’d needed was another 10 seconds. There’s simply very little margin for error. Overshooting those two boards had cost me the precious time.


    So I tried again. It was going great. By the halfway point I still had 10:44 remaining. I was on a roll. I was jumping daggers, avoiding birds and skillfully leaping over those pesky yellow barriers. Somewhere around the three-minute mark I had nabbed LeFiend and started back on the long journey to the police station. Screen after screen passed. The daggers were flying fast and furious, sometimes four or five screens in a row. Yet I managed. I once again found myself on the final home stretch of 28 screens. But this time I had about 75 seconds left. As each board was safely passed, I frantically tried to figure out the math in my head, while at the same time counting each screen. I was in the zone. But my arms were starting to shake with intensity. 19, 20, 21, 22… I so got this! 24, 25, 26… Perhaps I counted wrong. Because as soon as I crossed into 27, I saw the police station! And the congratulatory tune played, thus ending the game. With 13 seconds to spare, I had done it!


    My audience of three clapped, cheered and high-fived me. My arms were still shaking as I posed for pictures. I grabbed my 30-year-old notebook filled with personal high scores from decades past. I found the page for Private Eye. 100,500? I don’t think so! 225,030 baby!


    Best 41st birthday EVER!

  10. jakeLearns
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    Well, the assembly language program can now take an RLE encoded string and draw the whole screen. Which is further than before, when it was basically a proof of concept. This still doesn't yet do the extra thing I want it to do - handle return chars and quotes, by borrowing run lengths of 255 & 254 - to signal that.


    Also I thought that I was going to be dealing with the internal representations of a character - but I'm not. Plain ATASCII is all I am dealing with - oh well, that makes it simpler. Someday when I read through on that subject again, I'll figure out what ppl were talking about, but my code is working, using ATASCII.


    So, I'll finally be off this distraction by the end of the month. Obviously that means the first iteration of the actual program I was really trying to write is delayed until October - but, it's not really that far delayed, that part of the code isn't that complicated.


    I also got in my WIFIMOD II, as well as a P: R: Connection, and have been looking at hooking up my Atari to the internet using this external wifi adapter. So frustrating dealing with chinese instructions, the machine obviously can communicate with the WIFIMOD II, because I can send the reset codes, and it will reset the device. But the device choose to never send anything across the serial port - nothing. But the device IS WORKING - it's just going to be the usual pain in the rear....I've got an idea, the reason it never sends anything back, is the servers I'm connecting with communicate on port 80 - and the device manufacturers assumed you'd be talking with another WIFIMOD only on port 55555, and they offer the very unhelpful advice "you don't need to modify this section" - but I almost guarantee you do need to modify that section of the config - so --definitely not out of ideas for things to try.



  11. He has not replied to me on FB either. :(

    I am really disappointed. Partially because it just puzzles me since nobody seems to know what triggered his change.


    If he really sold his collection I guess chances are slim to see him again. But why would he do that? Even if he was pissed at something here and did not want to participate in the community anymore that does not explain why he would not continue to enjoy his collection in private.


    Selling it all sounds more like monetary problems... or something happened that made him want to forget everything Lynx.



    Source: Where is Eric Delee ?

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    Hello community!


    If you don't remember me, my name is Sonny Rae Tempest. I created a few Atari game poems a while back which I posted on the forum ("Indentures at an Exhibition", "Calm, Mute, Moving", "abbr." (not sure if I posted this last one, though they are all freely available at www.sonnyrae.com)).


    I just wanted to let you all know that if there are any poets among you, I will be teaching a free online class at UnderAcademy College where we will be composing concrete poetry constrained by the visual aesthetics and input systems of classic video games, Atari included.


    The course is entitled Famicommunist Poetics, and the course description, as well as admission form and other UnderAcademy College info can be found here:




    Again this is a free course for those interested in poetry, Atari and other such systems. Enrollment is open now but once the class reaches 15 students then enrollment will close for this course.


    I invite you all to check out the class and other free courses that UnderAcademy has available, and feel free to ask me any questions. I also wrote a little more about this class at my website as posted above, so feel free to check that out for info as well. While you're there, grab my VCS game poems, they're free for the taking, as well as the source code.


    Thanks all!



  12. retrovideogamecollector
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    I think I have a real Atlantis 2 cartridge, but I'm not sure, unfortunately I can't get a clear picture on the television so I can't tell what the score is. I picked it up at a retail store for $1. What do you think the chances are and are there any other ways to know.

  13. cd-w
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    I'm going to be taking a break from Atari 2600 homebrewing for a while due to real-life considerations. I will still be lurking around the forums, but I won't have any time for coding for some time. Fortunately the various projects that I have been involved in are in good hands:

    1. Chetiry will be released at the PRGE later this month and will be available in the AA store shortly after.
    2. Star Castle is being partially rewritten by Thomas Jentzsch - he has made excellent progress and should have something to show soon.
    3. LS_Dracon has made some awesome progress on the PoP sprites recently.
    4. Batari will be proceeding with Harmony 2, but neither of us have had any time for it recently.
    5. My contributions to project "Bruce" are on hold for now, but it was always going to be a multi-year project.

    I'll hopefully be back to coding in a year or so, but I don't want to make any promises at this point.



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    I was helping my Aunt clean her attic and she gave me some games that we came across. I have looked on Ebay and Amazon and can't find any listings for this game. I found information on the rest of the games but this one. I was wondering if anyone had any information about this game. Thanks

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    Before I started back on my Atari 2600 and 5200 projects, I finished one (and put another on hold) game for XBox 360 Indie Games. First one is a Robotron / Smash TV inspired twin-stick arena shooter entitled "Every Other Shooter", released in early August 2012:




    The other one, entitled "Decimator" is on hold (mockup screen):



  14. Well, in case anyone was wondering, TurboForth V1.2 is still not ready for release. However, it's not due to apathy - the project is very very much alive.


    The number of improvements in this release are almost too much to remember! I'll try and remember some of them:

    • Case sensitivity is now user selectable
    • The word -! (subtract and store) is superfluous and has been removed. If required for legacy code it can be defined as follows:
      : -! ( value address--) SWAP NEGATE SWAP +! ;
    • RND has been improved to produce a better sequence of random numbers. Usage remains unchanged.
    • SPRMOV has been improved so that only the sprites being moved are updated in VDP, rather than updating the sprite descriptor table for all 32 sprites regardless.
    • FOR & NEXT improved. FOR and NEXT have been re-written to use DO and +LOOP internally. I and J are available (as they were before) but additionally, it is now possible to use LEAVE to exit a FOR/NEXT loop early.
    • Case insensitivity added. Words in upper and lower case are now equivalent. This functionality can be enabled/disabled with the variable CSEN.
    • LOOP and +LOOP code merged into a single routine, improving efficiency.
    • DOCOL routine (part of the inner interpreter) improved, removing one instruction.
    • EXIT routine (part of the inner interpreter) improved, removing one instruction.
    • Return stack direction reversed. Return stack now 'grows' towards lower memory addresses. This has resulted in a further saving of one instruction in EXIT. (Exit is now a single assembly language instruction, plus a branch to NEXT).
    • Data stack and return stack buffers are now effectively merged into a single memory area (buffer). The data stack starts 'at the top' of the buffer and grows towards higher memory addresses. The return stack starts 'at the bottom' and grows towards lower memory addresses.
    • BRANCH now expects an explicit address as a parameter, rather than a relative offset, increasing the efficiency (and speed) of BRANCH. Various flow control words' internal code changed as a result (resulting in simplification).
    • 0BRANCH now expects an explicit address as a parameter, rather than a relative offset, increasing the efficiency (and speed) of 0BRANCH. Various flow control words' internal code changed as a result (resulting in simplification).
    • Stack corruption bug in JOYST fixed.
    • HEX is no longer an immediate word, in line with the Forth-83 standard.
    • DECIMAL is no longer an immediate word, in line with the Forth-83 standard.
    • ['] is now an immediate word, in line with the Forth-83 standard.
    • Nesting issue with LOAD has been fixed. It is possible to nest loading of programs/blocks as long as there is sufficient space on the return stack. From the command line, there is (currently) room on the stack to nest 6 blocks deep. Nesting of block loads is expensive, and requires 14 bytes of return stack space per nest (which is returned when the loading un-nests). The return stack is in high memory, immediately before compiled Forth code. The return stack grows towards lower memory addresses. It is therefore possible to 'crash' the return stack into the data stack (and even further beyond) if loading is nested too deeply. Note that THRU does not nest the loading of blocks (unless the blocks being loaded invoke LOAD themselves, of course).
    • Problem with BLOAD fixed when called from within a block. BLOAD failed to save/restore the current interpretation state.
    • Problem with BLOAD failing to update free memory pointers FFAILM & FFAIHM has been fixed.
    • Problem with STREAM fixed whereby it would erroneously push -1 to the stack with each invocation.
    • Problem with WHERE reporting incorrect block numbers on 1024 block block files has been corrected.
    • Bug in LEAVE fixed. LEAVE would cause a crash if invoked before a loop had executed at least once. Also greatly simplified.



    And I'm nowhere near finished!


    Still many more improvements planned before release. Intermediate beta releases are released here, so keep an eye on that thread!


    Version 1.2 is set to be a humdinger! Faster, and more efficient.

  15. Today I went to one of the people I buy old games from, and purchased a Panasonic 3DO complete in box with 3 boxed controllers, a loose controller, a loose copy of Cannon Fodder, a boxed copy of Escape From Monster Manor, and all the docs for $30. I plan on trading it for an Atari 400 with games and docs, and some boxed Wireless Atari Joysticks.

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    last night i had a dream that us declear war on north korea. the war started when thay shot down a us spy plane.arfter that i woke up. i dont know what my dream is teling me. i hope it dose come true.

  16. I don't know what that sticky stuff is but it is my job to clean it out anyway. Answer to question 12 of 100



    12. What is it like working with your husband on his business? Do you enjoy doing this work? Is it a good way to be in close contact with someone you love? Describe a day in the life working to ship his items.


    I think I am going to approach this question in reverse. First of all what do I do? On the surface, I place the media items that my husband sells into envelopes or boxes tape them up and add labels. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, however. We get the media items in used and abused condition, which means they have to be cleaned, tested and refurbished in order for us to truthfully sell them. Now to someone that has never done anything like this before it might sound easy, but let me tell you it can be challenging. For one thing, some people do not use their items for their intended use.

    For example, I have cleaned game systems that have been used for the following: bug motels for ants, spiders, or roaches; cup holders for all kinds of liquids; paint or fingernail polish splatter cloths; ash or smoke trays; stash holders; litter boxes; sticker books; art canvas; candle holder; you name it and I have probably cleaned it off of a system, controller, or game. Even as I write this, I just opened up a Super Nintendo System that is so yucky you cannot even identify what is in it by the slimy remains.

    We buff CD-based items, clean the contacts on cartridges, iron wrinkled manuals, and clean controllers with poor response until they work like new. We believe it is a labor of love to breath life back into used and abused items. When everything is cleaned and tested, my husband artfully displays them for sale. When an item sells, I get a list, which I pull for that day of packing, I double-check the items to make sure they are ready to go, and then I pack them appropriately.


    This brings me to my next point: the art of packing. I have to admit when my husband and I first started this business we made all the classic rookie mistakes, like using too much tape, adding newspaper as padding, packing boxed items in envelopes or just wrapping them in paper or newspaper, and packing items in used food boxes. As we matured as a business, we have learned that the post office does not care about your package. It is just an item that must be moved from one point to another regardless of its contents. You cannot expect them to handle it better just because you write “fragile” on it. You are lucky if they read the address correctly, let alone anything you write on the package. It just is not in their unionized job description. Therefore, this means you must pack each item as if it has to survive a natural disaster on its way to its destination. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on peanuts and bubble wrap; the free supplies provided by the post office are adequate to get the job done. This knowledge comes from the experience of packing over 100,000 items over 12 years.


    Are you still with me? Good! Now this job is not for everyone. It requires long hours, dedication and knowledge of the product. So, what are the positive and negative aspects of this job? For the most part, they are one and the same; it all depends on how you look at it.



    a. You get to set your own hours. There are days when we get up at noon.


    b. There is no one telling you to get to work; you can work whenever you want to.


    c. There is a sense of pride gained in bringing dead items back to life and then sending them to new homes all over the world.


    d. You get to spend many hours with someone you love instead of only seeing them at bedtime.


    e. There are times when we watch netflix, or listen to music or audio books while we are working.


    f. Media surrounds us; my husband has estimated that if he started today and played one game every day for the next twenty years, he would not have to repeat. That is just pulling from our own personal collection and not including the extra inventory.


    g. We work as a machine every part essential to operate.




    a. Most of the time we get up at noon because we didn’t get to bed until five AM to get that last package packed for the morning pickup. To make our bills we work almost everyday from the time we get up until the time we fall into bed.


    b. You have to answer to customers who want to know where their product is, and they can be more brutal than the worst boss.


    c. It is a lot of hard dirt, work, and long hours to make abused things like new again.


    d. Spending every minute together can be stressful, especially when mistakes are made, because there is nowhere to escape until the situation is resolved.


    e. Working in the same room means you have to listen to the same music, sometimes on repeat to avoid having to stop working to change it.


    f. There is inventory in every room in the house. Yes, there is even product in the bathroom.


    g. All parts must be present if one of the gears are missing or broken the machine brakes down. This means that there is little time to pursue other interests like my writing or music for my husband.


    So what do I have to say in conclusion to those of you who have been brave or stupid enough to read all of this rambling? First, you paid money for your items, try treating them like it. Secondly, although many have tried, this job is not for everyone and even though we are not always the lowest price out there, you can buy with confidence knowing we have put our all into making everything we sell the best it can be so you can enjoy it for generations to come.

  17. This is something I've wanted to do for years, and I finally got around to it.


    We all know a million is a large number, but exactly how large? Watch my new video and see for yourself:



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