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Health update

Well, the good news is I don't have diabetes. The bad news is I have to get an ultrasound next week to see if I have fatty liver.   I swear, the lab techs had to poke me at least 5 times to get any blood out of me. And they had to get a lot out of me for my ultrasound next week apparently. It hurt quite a lot, but I guess I should be glad that ultrasounds don't hurt. Mom said it didn't hurt for hers (when she was pregnant with me).   I just wish they would leave me alone is a

Level 42

Two more days of wondering what could be wrong with me. In the midst of all that, I decided to work on Ugly, Uppity Umpire again. When I get angry or worried my eye starts hurting. So my eye has been hurting each night now. I made level 42. It took a LONG time to make this into a workable, non-easy level. I declared it finished, but easy. So I decided to work on it some more, moving more blocks and opening up new ways. This is a long way from what I had originally started with. I had t


So I'm working on Ugly Uppity Umpire again. I made level 41. It has 12 sprites moving independently. I had a working level 41 but I dubbed it too easy and wondered what I could do to make it harder. I opened some squares, put other blocks in until I had this: Since I design a new block every 8 levels it was time to design a new one. It kind of reminds me of the flag of New Mexico: Only in black and white. I was all set to get some nachos from Taco Bell tomorrow, but since my

Doctors are stupid.

My blog entry I wrote got flagged for content so I'll start over again.   So apparently my dumb doctor wants to see me about my blood test results. So now I have an appointment for next Friday at 11:45am. I bet he's going to tell me I have diabetes. Well you know what? I don't care! I'm not going to do anything special about it.

Those evil waffles

Work resumes on SGWP2. I thought I was done for the day but I got bored again and put in a 6-digit score. It works fine but it uses 6 variables. I don't think I'll run out of variables, though. But it is a lot better than using one 16-bit variable and then having the score run out if the player reaches 65,535 points. If the player reaches 999,999 points here, it will stay at 999,999 points and not roll back to 0.   I ordered a Inty 3 off eBay yesterday since I got tired of th

Another "too bored" project.

I have no idea for a game for this title screen. Does anyone? I thought of the rhyming "awful waffle" and thought to myself "Hey! I made a video game about waffles. What if I were to combine the two?" I made some eerie title music to go with the screen.   Tomorrow is the big day. I have to go to the doctor's office and get a blood test and I'll have him look at the rash on my butt and ask him what it is and how can I get rid of it because I'm tired of having to put neosporin on it


So this morning I took @Tanooki 's advice and made the guy walk the way he's facing. Took up all of my waking hours and more to get it working good. Found a few bugs that I think I fixed.     The majority of the trouble came with attempting to use sprite_prop to flip the sprites. Eventually I had to give up doing that and making flip sprites that I can call instead. So the next thing to do is design and add level 39 in.   It's been such a boring Saturday otherwise it felt lik

level 38

I introduced some new game mechanism. As the level designing keeps progressing, I figured I needed to mix things up a little. I designed a level that I wanted Ulysses to go off the screen and reappear on the other side. But after trying to do that, it wasn't going to work due to the moving tables I need to rely on for whether he can move or not. So I decided to do this: Add teleporation devices. When Ulysses steps into a teleportation device, he will reappear at the other one with a wh

Ugly Uppity Umpire update - July 27, 2023

I had to give up on Legend of Helga since I think it was too ambitious a project for me. So I went back to working on Ugly Uppity Umpire. As the levels get created, the more difficult it is to make new ones. I have 13 more to make before I get 50 (level 37 is already designed). If I think I can do it, I may make 56, which can be divided by 8 evenly to make things good and round them off. But I don't know. Another hard part about this is thinking up the passwords for these levels. My bu

The Legend of Helga (part 4)

I finally got the tree collision working. Well, sort of. You can move behind the tree without stopping. Oh well. I woke up at three this morning so I've been working on this for almost four hours. But you can go into the shop and be greeted by the shopkeeper. Since I have to keep a "catalog" of sorts about all my void and int functions, I decided I'd best try to get some more room for them in bank 0. Instead of 8% room left I now have 17%. Stuff I want to do tomorrow: make it so

The Legend of Helga (part 3)

This morning I added an info screen. The people in Helga's land use beans as currency. So a common saying in the land is: to be "beanless" means to be broke. So Pink is beanless. He needs to find some beans before he can get in the shop. And once he gets in the shop with a few beans, he'll then learn the horrible truth: The only toenail fungus remover in the land is owned by the evil Nanog, a huge, evil creature that has tons of toenail fungus so he has hoarded it all.   I am

Cruiz'in eBay - Bubsy 1 Shirt LONG SLEEVED! - July 2023

Hey Bubsy Fans!   Noting this appearance on ebay of a Bubsy 1 shirt, which I've probably seen about four or five appear in my ebay searches since 2006-ish?   I don't know when I (Doctor Clu) started searching for Bubsy stuff.   But I do know this is the first long sleeved Bubsy 1 shirt I've seen.  And I think that is cool.   https://www.ebay.com/itm/145202616878?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l1120&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=b9a25867dd6e4662a983d41

The Legend of Helga (part 2)

So I began work on level 1. As in Frank the Fruit Fly, each level will be one bank large. Our hero can walk around now, but that's about it. I will make it so if you press Start, you will go to your inventory screen and see what you have. I'll also add an enemy here to defeat, but the ultimate goal here is to get to the Shop. There you will learn you have no money! And then Pink's quest begins.   To aid me in the making of this, I put in Link's Awakening in my Game Boy. It wa

Clive Cussler's Oregon Series

[#053] vacationing in early June, one particular evening my entire family sans me and my youngest daughter went to some dinner that I didn't want to go to and didn't feel like the 5-year-old would be on her best behavior. she's normally good but it's something about restaurants where she can't sit still through a whole meal and wants to walk around or sit on my lap or run her mouth (that last part she does 24/7, even talking in her sleep).   anyway, we went to the local mall and into a
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