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There is another way... (5200 controller ...mod?)

This isn't a new idea, as even Atari themselves played with this idea but for some reason didn't go along with it. I also tried this on another controller a few years back and while it worked great where I had applied this on that one, I had never done the controller completely. What was that change/modification you ask?   This...   this...   and this...   So yes, those are in fact snap dome switches that I've used kapton tape to hold in

I'm leaving AtariAge.

Al sold his soul to the devil. That never is a good idea. Because of this, I have made the decision to leave the forums for good. I don't want to be posting in the forums of a zombie company, so I guess I'll be leaving now. I won't be gone for good, you can still catch me on the Video Game Sage forums. I am the user named "GameGearGuy," but I guess I should change my username there, so I may. Thanks for the 17 years (!) of fun, but I think it's time to move on to a more trusting forums since Al

I made a splash screen

For a game that doesn't exist...yet. I got bored, so I thought I'd work on the Pokemon Mini some. While I couldn't make 4 colors, I did manage to make this: This is the splash screen. It plays "Yes, We Have No Bananas," the only song I know about bananas. I wanted a song here to showcase the PM's (awful) ability for music. It only has one channel. I don't know how the original games sound so good with just one channel. When the short song is over, it switches to a screen that says

It's done.

After playing and testing and stuff Sunday night and this morning I think I got all the bugs fixed and I'm calling Ugly Uppity Umpire completed and finished. Now I'd like for someone to publish this for me, but I doubt anyone will. I worked on this for about a year off-and-on.   I tested this on a real Super Game Boy and I can't get rid of the black screen for a few frames when it powers up due to the fact that the PAL SNES needs four frames to wait for the Super Game Boy border to loa

Levels 49 & 50

Well, it took about about a year of off-and-on working on this, but I finally put 50 levels in the game. I worked on level 49 today, and after finishing it, I decided I might as well just design and put in the 50th. I will not put pictures nor update the site with the final version with all 50 levels, so don't go looking for them. You'll have to play the game to find out what they are.   Level 50 was really hard to design correctly. So hard to beat I got so angry even though it was pos

The Ants

I was getting ready to write a blog entry when I noticed my computer needed updating. Why it does who knows, perhaps just to annoy people. I don't want to update my computer any more. Is there a way to turn off checking for updates? It makes my computer unusable for at least 10 minutes every time it feels like annoying me.   Anyway, I was looking through my old CDs and DVDs when I came across a CD that had The Beatles' Rubber Soul and Revolver on the same disc. I only liked a few songs

Level 48

I worked on Ugly Uppity Umpire today. I made level 48. Do you know what this means? I only have 2 more levels to design! It's been really REALLY hard designing these levels, so not having to stretch my brain trying to design them will be really good. So once level 50 is done, I can work on the ending. I'll put the ending in bank 5. I'm also wanting to design a really cool Super Game Boy border and put it in bank 6, but I suck at drawing. I should have all the levels designed by ea

Have a lump? Get it checked!

I have a little "apron" of belly fat (called the panniculus according to Google) and I developed a small lump under it about a year ago or maybe a year and a half ago. I hoped it would eventually go away by itself.   Around August 17, 2023, the lump started getting larger and very hot. As it grew, it got even hotter. It was so hot that it felt like it might burn my Nitrile glove covered hand if I left it on the lump for too long. I cleaned the area and put Neosporin on it a few times e


Long-time readers of my blog know the fascination I have with the number 47. Well, one of my projects and 47 collided. I finished level 47 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. Nothing special though, I had this idea and at first I couldn't pass it (a requirement for my levels being done. If I can't even pass it, who else would be able to?!) A change of making the squares kitty corner from the teleports be open so you could get away from the underwear really quickly after using them.   So a

August 26, 2023

I worked on level 46 of Ugly Uppity Umpire. I also worked on Flies for the Odyssey². Both were great success. I was working on Flies last night but I couldn't get to make the flies drop down and die when being swatted. Well, I did last night, but the letter K kept showing up in the upper left hand corner of the screen. After sleeping for 15 hours, I finally found the reason and fixed it.   Sneaky Snakes came in the mail today. It works fine, but I'll have to explore it f
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