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Reverse insomnia.

I have a disease called "reverse insomnia" now. I made it up, but I still have it. It's when once you go to sleep, you don't want to wake up. I fell asleep at about 2 a.m. last night. I got up briefly at around 4 p.m. or so and then went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 7:30p.m. But the problem is, if you told me to go to sleep now, I could sleep for a long period of time. But since 7:30 I have been fighting to stay awake. It led me to the Quirky Q's program.   I thought I was do

quirky q's

So I have been hard at work working on an Odyssey² game called "Quirky Q's." It's about getting q's in various ways. Our intrepid q lover (who bears a striking resemblance to Pac-Man), can't get enough of the quality letter q. But what would a game be without an enemy? Enter the q hater. He hates the letter q so much he wants to stop anyone who likes the letter q from getting any. I worked on this so long these past couple of days.   I had insomnia. I kept thinking of ways to make the

Atari 5200 BackBit PRO 4-port Soft Reset notes and modification

The BackBit Pro multi-system flash cartridge is quite amazing in all the systems it supports and the Atari 5200 is one of the newest systems to recently be added over the past few months. One cool thing that the BBPro cart has for the 5200 side of things that other similar devices do not have, is the ability to reset the console and go back to the game folder browser without having to power cycle the console. This feature works out of the box on the 2-port model 5200s by having a selector switch



That didn't last long.

I tried to get my Pokemon Mini game so it wouldn't do this sometimes: But I have decided to give up on that because I can't. Last night I had an idea for a banana joke (for my banana joke book). I lived dangerously: went to sleep and hoping I wouldn't forget all about it. I woke up a couple of hours ago and just now put the following joke in:   What color is your back when you slip and fall on a banana peel? Yell “Ow!”   Too bad it's only one joke I thought up


atari2600land in bananas.

The brown desert

Deserts are orange. That isn't good. Why? Because I want to put a desert in the hamburger game for the Game Gear. And as it turns out, almost all junk food is also orange. I made a desert picture, put it in the game, and it was tough to tell where the onion rings were going because the desert sand was almost the same color as the onion ring. My solution: Make the desert brown. And to make sure people recognize it as a desert, I put in two cacti. (It scrolls. There really are 2 cacti. I

Patch Editor for NTS-1 Project - Part 01

Getting Started:   Been thinking long and hard about programming a patch editor for the Korg NTS-1 synth.  There are patch editors out there, but none will output the Continuous Controllers (CC#) as program change commands used in the MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM (MMS) voice file format.   Since I'm aware that I may be the only person to use this program, I have decided to write the program in assembly (MAC65) to run using the Diamond GOS 3. I should be able to write the code in stages


k-Pack in Korg

The 7800 Mod Mess Mixup Fixup - pt. 4

So... the 7800 isn't back to "working" yet, although I have made some progress. In the sense that "I've spent more money on it" and "I took it more apart".   Let's look at the pretty pictures! Here are some fresh parts from Mouser: I may not use the RCA jacks... I'm more inclined to use the short "pigtail" type cables I used on my own 2600 as well as John's. You just plug them into your monitor's (or AV system's) cables using barrel connectors, saving wear-and-tear on 40-year

Doing the same thing twice

Last night I worked on my Game Gear game. I think I broke it, so I went to sleep. I woke up this morning and tried to do the same thing again, only this time it worked. I thought I had broken the game after that because I tried to get rid of a long pause after you shot the chicken nugget, but I think I fixed what I had. I changed the background of level 1 back to the realistic clouds I had tried earlier. And I also changed the game over screen because I didn't like what I had before.  

Crash Fix: Nintendo 3DS XL - Black Screens with only Blue LED lit

[#052] yesterday I dusted off my 3DS to show my oldest daughter a few games that showcase the 3D effect. At some point she went back to reading her book for school (good girl!) and I made my way over to the Badge Arcade app, which is a claw machine type game where you win different sprites spanning across several first-party & third-party series. the past few years have been first party only probably due to contract expirations with the likes of Capcom among others. Sadly, I'll never finish

I'm making a book.

I've been making a book with rebus puzzles off and on (mostly off) for the past 2 1/2 years. The ultimate goal in all this is to create enough puzzles to fill a 36-page booklet with them and the answers. I have been doing a little research about what to call them. I ran across a page where they're called "Wuzzles" but that seems to be a registered trademark. Which is too bad because I was going to call my book "Attack of the Wuzzles." So I used google and it says they're traditionally called "Re

More bug fixes.

Another playthrough and I found a bug. The game froze if you hit the back of the cat's throat. I fixed it. Then I found another bug pertaining to the window at the beginning of level 5. Then I fixed that and made some more changes to the code. I had to shorten the song in level 2 to make all my changes fit. I have 2% free in that bank. I made the health score save instead of resetting to 100% if you restart the game.   I think I got rid of all the instances where spritess "flash" on th

The 7800 Mod Mess Mixup Fixup - pt. 3

When we last left the 7800 Mod Mess Mixup Fixup™, alex_79 helpfully suggested: We'll get back to the transistors in a minute. Meanwhile, I decided to rip out the HDMI "mod" as a first step, because: 1) It's horrible, and 2) I did find a short between ground and the composite video output that I traced back to that mess. I didn't take pics of the process, suffice to say it involved cutting wires, desoldering and re-soldering, chewing through a glued-down HDMI connector with side-cutters, a

Bug fixes.

I have to give up on the Odyssey 2 game. It's being a stupid jerk and not working right. So I gave up on it. Why get angry if the stupid idiot computer is being stubborn?   Someone discovered a bug in Frank the Fruit Fly. I was like "oh great. " But in going to fix it, I discovered how to warp to a screen that needs fixing. It involves going into Emulicious and changing the .sav file with the Memory Editor. Which will help immensely if there are any more bugs that need to be fixed. So

DASM and ASL LSR ROL compile errors

I got my first clean compile in DASM for Detective Powers 5200.   I had started it a while back using the 6502 assembler called TASM, which is what I used for 5200 / XE Adventure II.  But I wanted to start using the most recent DASM 6502 compiler.   Many of the code formatting changes were straight forward to see the problem and easily change, but I spent some time trying to figure out why I kept getting unresolved symbols on "A" and "a".  I'm not sure if DASM can be configured to show me the li


Cafeman in Homebrew


I don't like the letter q. It seems so redundant. You could just as easily spell "quick" as "kwick" and if you say both, none would be the wiser as to their spelling. So am I an alien? I am going to make a game called "Q Haters" for the Odyssey 2. If you press 1 at the "SELECT GAME" screen, you'll start the game. All I have is a level intro screen that in my opinion looks rather cool, like you're going down a tunnel, which is what I wanted it to look like. And I plastered the words "NEW LEV

Updating the menu.

So I decided that the gnome game shouldn't be gnomes, but Nintendo got it right about the octopus. So I redesigned the game and made it an underwater scene. It now has eight possible tentacles to go down and attack the celery. Not only do squids and stuff have 8 tentacles, it's also a good number for computing with, dividing evenly into 256. And I renamed the game since I moved it to the ocean. And that meant redesigning the menu. I found a whole bunch of stuff that could be changed in order to

Cruiz'in in the Hex Editor - Hacking Fractured Furry Tales maps - December 2022

Hey Bubsy fans,   With a little time over Christmas break (no, I am not in school, but I like to take the week between Christmas and New Years off) I had some time to figure out a old question: How could a person hack a level on Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales for the Atari Jaguar?   The answer is, there are a list of things to keep in mind.   Maybe I'll follow up with this sometime and go into more detail.   But the idea sat in the back of my mind for several years of some


doctorclu in Bubsy

2022 comes to a close, HB notes and updates

2022 was a busy year for me.  I didn't have free time or  mental energy to do much homebrewing on Atari XE or 5200,  which I had wanted to.    On the personal real-life front, 2022 took everything I had.    Full-time job.  Family obligations, of course.  After a year of searching and looking at houses,  I successfully found and bought what we wanted  (many other properties I was outbid on,  or the property sold before I had a chance to make an offer. The real estate market was crazy in 2021-2022


Cafeman in Homebrew

Designing a menu.

I decided to break up into indivisual games the games in Adventures of the Stalk of Celery, my Channel F game I was making. I got the urge to work on Channel F for no apparent reason again. I sure do wish I had a flash cart for the Channel F. Anyway, the cartridge's menu looks like this: I think I will need to make the screen thinner and more centered for it to all fit on the screen. And now my eye hurts. Not that it was hard, my eye just starts hurting for no apparent reason sometimes

The Ivory Tower 5200 got some TLC

I originally did most of the work on this 5200 about 8 years ago. It was also one of the first projects I did and to be honest, the wiring work inside wasn't that great. For some time I had wanted to redo it all similar to how I redid my 7800 about a year ago but just never got around to it. Well, now that I have a new BackBit Pro flash cartridge and it was designed to allow resets back to the game menu, I felt it was time to perform a small modification to allow this function of my BackBit Pro

Some more 'essential' programming packages for the Atari 8-bit line; Action!, Atari Asm/Ed & Macro Assm, Atari Pascal, OSS BASIC XL and MS BASIC.

Few months ago I posted an 'essential' package for Atari 'C'. It was a .ZIP up of all the versions of Deep Blue C for the Atari 8-bit line. The .Zip included the later upgrades for Deep Blue C such as Ace C all in one package. I have Done the Same for Action!, Atari Asm/Ed & Macro Assm, Atari Pascal, OSS BASIC XL and MS BASIC. You can get all these software packages off the web but they are usually spread all over the place. I put them in one nice little .ZIP for each programming language pa


hloberg in Atari 8-bit

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