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A new game.com project.

So I bought an Arduino-type thing for this game.com project. I don't know what an Arduino is, but it was only about $20 or so. So when it comes, I'd need to test it to make sure it works. So what can I do with one of these things to test it and make sure it works in the meantime before my project stuff comes to me I'm guessing in a few months?   What is an Arduino anyway? I mean, what does it do? Is it a multi-purpose machine so you can do what it tells you to do? I'm really new to thi

Game.com active! - Scrabble

I played the computer on Intermediate level on a game of Scrabble for the Game.com. I won, 351-250. I kind of forgot my opponent's score even though I just played it. I had no opportunity for a bingo until near the end. I had the letters blank, U, T. Looking through the Scrabble Dictionary I have on hand (to aid in word forming and to check if my opponent's words, which usually are very obscure, are valid), many words began with OUT. I had a T to form the word TO from the word TINCT I had placed


atari2600land in Game.com

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