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Sound effects

As it turns out, the sample code in the Goat Tracker's examples .s files don't work. They're broken. So I had to think up of a work around. I got sound effects in the game, but I had to get rid of the level 1 music in order to do so. And to shut up the music player, I put in a totally silent file since it just has to repeat all the songs over and over again. I didn't want to have to do that, but I had no other choice if I wanted sound effects.   I don't want to work on this any more to

Ending the level

So today I worked on the level ending. When you shoot a certain number of lettuce heads (that number will rise with each level), the burger will dip down off the screen and then it will start a new level. But since there's only one level, it just goes back to the title screen.   Which changed for some reason. The title of the game was up at the top instead of down at the center, and when the level ended and went back to the title screen, the score quit showing. I eventually got these t

Burgers on the fourth of July

Instead of grilling burgers, I'm programming them. As it turns out, wait: lda $D012 ; load 255 into A wait2: cmp #$FF ; look if current rasterline equals 255 bne wait2 ; if no, goto wait2 rts ; if yes, return from subroutine does not work. The burger just stands still.   I added a game over screen. Nothing fancy, just the words "GAME OVER" in blood red against a black background. I finally figured out how to put a space on the screen as just one cha

Burgers again

So I got back to working on my Hamburger game for the Commodore 64. I figured "I have nothing else better to do, so why not work on it some more?" So that's what I did. I got to the point where everything is almost okay. The fry went in front of the lettuce only once instead of shooting it out of the screen.   I hope I got rid of a nasty bug I introduced in the game somehow where simply pressing fire kills the lettuce without the burger firing a shot. I put in a bit of code that I thin

Some more Commodore 64 doodling.

Since I was bored, I decided to doodle some more on the Commodore 64. I added a second cloud into the level and attempted to fix some more stuff. I also added a life counter. I also redrew the burger to make it look better and bigger. I changed the broccoli to a head of lettuce. Level 2 will be in the water...if I decide to work on it that far.

The Commodore 64.

I found this Commodore 64 cartridge called "Quick Brown Fox." So I went out to the garage. I found the games for my Commodore 64. I went back into the garage and I eventually found my Commodore 64. I was looking for it. The temperature was hot outside. I found the plug in thingys. I plugged it in. I found a cord to plug into the TV. I was sweating by the time this was all finished. I flipped the switch. It was in black and white and rolling, like my Channel F. So I treated it like the Channel F


atari2600land in Commodore 64

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