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Venture is stupid

So I was playing Venture for the Atari 2600. OMG it's sooooo HARD. It's like it doesn't even help that you can shoot at the enemies because they move constantly, not to mention you can't shoot across the room. Heaven forbid that. And this room is really dumb. Who thought this would be possible? God forbid Stella show these screens correctly. There's bars on all four sides. I tried using phosphor but it didn't help at all. And if you're lucky enough to complete all the rooms, you get no

Chris Plays - Ms. Pac-Man

I found an error in the instruction manual. It says the between levels animation is in the game. Well, I can say it's not. Liars. Last time I played Pac-Man. And I think I like it better than Ms. Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man is just too hard. I played the game with two ghosts and got a score of 100,000. But with all four ghosts on, the best I could do was reach the third maze with 20,000 before I die. The problem is the red ghost. He moves too fast. And so does the pink one. They move faster than M

Chris Plays - Pac-Man

This whole blog topic started when I was looking through my Atari 2600 manuals and found a Pac-Man one. It listed the ghosts as being GHOSTS and the pellets have turned to wafers. So after reading the manual I decided to take a new approach on 2600 Pac-Man. I wanted to see what it was like with the "walking" ghosts and the "fast" Pac-Man.   I was not born when Pac-Man first came out. So I can't remember playing Atari 2600 Pac-Man for the first time back in the day, probably was around
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