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six² update - 6/4/2023

So I got the overlays in the mail yesterday. I was very happy with them. They should be big enough to fit a normal sized tv. I didn't count the number of them, but there should be 18 in there. I think they're better than the ones I used to make by going to Kinkos. Now I have to go on a quest to find mailing tubes to fit the stuff for the game in. By the way, this is not a prority project for me. What is is the Hamburgers game for the INTV and my crossword making.   I've been sleeping a

Six² update (Magnavox Odyssey)

The overlays should be coming next week as well as more dice I ordered. There should be about 20 copies total, BUT I AM NOT TAKING ORDERS AT THIS TIME. First I have to get everything settled and make sure everything is ready to go. Then I will take orders.   It's amazing what an ordinary printer can do. I'm not gonna pay a print shop money I don't need when I can do it myself. So I wondered how I did what I did before. It's been that long. I found the paper I used. It's thicker than no

six² update

I got in touch with the guy who does all the Odyssey Now releases and he says he will be able to print the high quality overlays for me next month. All I have to do is print some more instructions and get some tubes to ship the game stuff in. Then it will be ready. I will probably have two runs of ten copies each. Run #1 will have 8 copies and, if needed, run #2 will have an additional 10 copies. I think I need to make it this way so if no more than 8 people are interested, all I'd have extra wo


atari2600land in Chris's Odyssey

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